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Five Tips to Finding an Effective Web Host for Your e-Commerce Website


According to research from various sources published by Statista, there were an estimated 1.2 billion online shoppers in 2017. These figures are forecasted to double in the next half a decade which is an indication that more shoppers are migrating online. As much as your target audience might not be interested in the technicalities running behind their seamless shopping experiences while on site; any disappointments arising from poor e-commerce hosting will mean losing many of them, thereby watering down your chances of securing sales. In this regard, some of the key pointers to landing a fruitful web host for your e-commerce website include:

Determine which type of hosting best suits your needs

Before you go out seeking the services of wonderful companies that have registered excellent web hosting services over time, it is essential that you first understand the type of website you anticipate to run, hence its viable hosting solution.  While dedicated hosting offers you an entire server to steer your website, the best 24/7 support, among a plethora of other advantages, it might not be an economical option if you are running a small or medium website. On the other hand, shared hosting and Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting also have their merits and demerits depending on the size of your website and what you want to achieve in the long run.

Consult your web developer

Apart from engaging the services of a web developer in designing and putting together your e-commerce platform, you can go ahead and consider his view towards the type web hosting services you can deploy. As an expert, he or she must have come across suitable web hosting options for the different websites he or she has built.


Reviews will increase your scope of view

Reviews, such as this comparison on MangoMatter will save you the mistake of getting blindsided by the success stories published by the web hosting services providers you would like to partner with. Often, such reviews compare the various elements constituting a certain web hosting service thereby ranking their overall competence. Additionally, you should go further and scrutinize the feedback given by customers on the different web hosting packages they bought to ascertain whether a majority of them recommend those services.

Security should be key among your considerations

Since your e-commerce website will definitely be getting some sensitive personal information from your customers such as payment data, a web hosting provider with the most robust security solutions including site locks, SSL, backups, among others will serve you best. A security breach compromising your customer’s data could mean no business for you.

Do not let pricing overrule quality

Finally, it is normal to work within your set budget, but this doesn’t mean that you focus on getting the lowest costs possible while countermanding elements that critically matter to your website such as security or other additional software. If whatever you are considering is vital and will result in a higher return on investments in the long run as well as guarantee business continuity, then go for it without a second thought.