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Five Tips To Creating Movement Marketing

Movement marketing is a strategy where companies advertise their products and services by tapping into existing cultural movements that share their values and objectives. The result of this model can allow you to dominate the market or even change the world. Companies use movement marketing to build an individualized brand approach to communication. Currently, customers are looking for brands that have a purpose to help, educate or even entertain the community. Here are five tips for creating movement marketing for your business.

  1. Vision

The first step in creating movement marketing is to develop a concept that resonates with your community. Every society has hopes, values, and dreams of a better nation. You brand vision should promise to reflect on these societal goals. For instance, American Express has achieved this strategy with their Small Shop Saturday movements, which supports small businesses. In 2010, the first Small Shop Saturday saw a 9% increase in American Express sales.

2. Create Opportunities

You should work towards creating a platform where community members can experience your mission and give feedback. The opportunities should find ways to bridge the digital and physics world. For example, Sweetgreen dedicates its efforts to see the beauty in simplicity. At one time, Sweetgreen’s traffic reduced. The company retaliated by throwing a block party and it worked. Since then, the block party has grown into a yearly ceremony called SweetLife. The party attracts people from all over the world who come together to listen to music, eat healthy food, and express their passion in creating a healthier planet.

3. Walk the Talk

In the current world, your actions speak louder than your words. Every brand movement must take the necessary steps to execute their brand vision. You must present your mission and vision at every point on the supply chain. Most customers can smell a fraud a mile away. Make sure your brand speaks about what you will do for the community. For instance, the People against Dirty movement by Soap Box express its mission in every step of its operation. The company is located in an under-served place in southern Chicago. Soap Box employs residents, is wind-powered, and provides fresh vegetable to local restaurants and homeless shelters.

4. Genuine Commitment

Although it can be challenging to measure commitment, it is likely that an existing client has a more genuine responsibility compared to any other person. Companies find it challenging to find an influencer who is loyal to the brand. Look for those who are loyal to your product since they are likely to talk about your services to their friends even if you do not receive any reward.

5. Short-term versus Long-term

The strategies you will use when creating movement marketing depend on whether your goal is short or long-term. You can either look for a plan that reaches several people within a short time or one that pays after a more extended period. Having well-defined goals will help you build an effective movement marketing.

For more information, look for organizations such as the movement marketing agency.

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