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Five tips before buying new USB OTG drives

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We all are smartphone users and one feature is most famous nowadays (comes with almost all smartphones), which is OTG functionality. With OTG functionality, you can use your smartphone as host and connect any USB device (USB drive, keyboard, and mouse) to your phone.

Now the most trending accessory for the smartphone is USB OTG flash drives and for the games. You can easily connect it to your smartphone and transfer some of your smartphone’s data to clear some space.

In this vast market of USB OTG flash drives, you need to pick the best one and I’m here to help you with that. Read these 5 points below which will help you to find the best USB OTG drive for your smartphone.

Always check the length of the connector:

Most smartphone users apply cases to their smartphones which makes it difficult to connect the mini USB connector to properly to the port. If the connector doesn’t fit properly into the smartphone USB port then you might lose your data while reading or writing.

If you buy a USB OTG drive with connector longer than usual then it will easily get connected properly to the USB port on your phone even if you have a case applied on your smartphone.

Always buy branded drives:

If you are going to buy a new USB drive then always go for a branded one because branded manufacturers use good material to make the casing and use the best quality memory chip for faster read and write speed. With branded USB OTG drives, you need not worry about data loss because of the sudden failure of the drive.

Some popular brands for USB drives are Corsair, Kingston, SanDisk, ADATA, Transcend, Imation, Leef, Patriot and Silicon Power.

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Always buy high-performance drives:

The only purpose of buying a USB OTG Drive is that you need to transfer some of your data from your phone to the USB drive. This writing speed in USB OTG drives should be as fast as possible because if the speed is low then it will consume more power and lowers the phone’s battery.

And if you buy a USB OTG drive with faster read and write speed then it will take less time to transfer the data and consume low power from the smartphone’s battery.

Buy flash drive with at least 32 GB capacity:

The main reason to buy a USB OTG drive is to extend the memory of your smartphone or tablet. Then why to buy any drive with low storage capacity? I always recommend you to buy a USB drive with at least 32 GB storage capacity so you can get 30 GB out of it. With a 32 GB USB OTG drive, you can transfer almost all data from your phone if your smartphone has an internal memory of 16 GB.

With any USB drive lower than 32 GB (would definitely be 16 GB) you need to copy all data to your PC and then transfer more data from your phone to USB drive. With 32 GB USB drive You don’t need to do all this.

Always buy USB OTG drives with the metal body:

USB OTG connector is small and can easily be broken even with a small shock because we often connect OTG drive to phone and put it on a plain surface like a table then it might get broken easily. USB drives with metal casing are more durable than the plastic ones because the slider of the retractable USB drive can easily be broken and go free which makes it difficult to connect to any USB port. So always buy a USB drive with a metal casing.

Buying a new USB OTG drive with such a large amount of variety in the market is difficult. But by keeping these 5 points in mind, you can easily filter that large amount of variety and pick yourself the best one.