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Five Things you should know about online dating and relationships before you go on your first date

Dating and relationships can be a complicated thing, especially during the initial months. The first date is always the determining factor whether there will be a second, third or fourth one and this thing matters a lot when you are online dating. This means that when going out on your first date, there are things that are important to consider, part of which is your character. Also, don’t forget to carry a self-defense weapon like pepper spray guns to protect yourself if you find things going south. Here are five things that you should know before you go on your first date.

Don’t be too open and personal

Going on your first date can be tricky since you are not sure of the type of a person your date really is and this can make you nervous. If your date turns out to be boring, then this can really ruin your date. However, you should note that people are different and not everybody would open up entirely on a first date.

Don’t be too open and personal and expect the other person to be since you hardly know each other. There’s always a next time for you to know them better or you can do an online people search to check them out before there is a next time.

Get ready to listen

Be a good communicator and get ready to listen to them, their life experiences and share stories and any topics they bring up. Do not be the only one who is talking all the time. Furthermore, if the date turns out into a long-term relationship, communication will be key to maintaining a long and healthy relationship.

Get ready to take things slow

People are different in their own way and while for one they might not have a problem telling you everything about themselves, for others, it takes a while for them to open up. Take your time and give them time to process. Do not rush into deep conversations or ask personal and sensitive questions. Once you have been dating for a while, you will be able to ask anything you want, but don’t expect them to reveal too much on the first date.

If you are a lady going out for a first date, do not make the mistake of inviting your date over to your place the first time. Use the no contact rule. Inviting them into your home for the night questions your character and principles making them wonder how many men you have invited over. This will ruin your chances for any serious relationship even if you seemed like an eligible long-term partner.

Be realistic

Not every first date leads to a relationship so do not expect it to. Depending on how you will interact and speak this will determine whether there will be a second or third date. Just get ready to be yourself and enjoy.

Be ready to explore

Sometimes the first date does not lead to long-term relationships. However, you might find that you can still share some things that will be of help in your life. You might have gone out on a first date with someone and are currently jobless and as you share, you realize that while you might not be fit to be in a relationship, they might be your bridge to your next job. Be ready to accept things as they are and make use of the opportunity to do something better for yourself.

Although first dates can make you anxious, make them simple. Go out and be ready to meet the person and enjoy the moment.

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