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Five Things to Know why Online Shopping is Better than Conventional Shopping

With so many apps, the technology that can deliver everyone at our doorstep just as we place the order, kept us from any physical activity. Gone are the days where we had to visit a local store to purchase that we wanted and now it is the online trend for everything. Be it shopping for fashion, electronics, other goods, everything is available online at our fingertips. There are many advantages of online shopping over offline and we today shall discuss how it is different and in what way it is better than the offline purchases. Let’s get started.

Multiple choices: With the offline purchase, whether you like it or not, there are very limited option in each store that you visit, which only leave you with checking every store that you find which is time-consuming and also tedious at times. However, with online shopping, you have a choice to select what suits you the best and what interests you all at one place irrespective of the brand and offer. There are two advantages with this, you can shop from various brands and save the time and energy as well.

Deals and Offers: Offline deals and offers are a trend once where a common man used to rush to the nearest store to find a deal that falls in his budget before buying the product. One thing that most of us miss is that there are always hidden terms and conditions that tag along with the deal most offline stores provide. While things with offline are somewhat fishy most of the time, online is an exciting space where the deals and the pricing are right in front of us and being a one that does online shopping the most, there are hidden clauses to be scared. With deals like 40-50% off, and some others giving discounts in the form of cashback, you will only see more good than hidden terms and conditions. Online offers from DesiDime is one such good source to get discounts on various online outlets.

Hassle free delivery and returns: I’m a person who has closely observed the radical change with both offline and Online over the past few years, I find online more user-friendly than offline. Let me justify, if you are going to buy a shirt for your friend or family as a gift, you will have to go with a proper measurement hoping that it would fit, if it does, good, if not, most offline stores do accept returns, but you will have to visit the store again and return which is very time-consuming. With online, things are so seamless. You place an order, get it delivered the very next day and if there is an issue, you can raise a return request where the executive himself comes and picks it for you. There is an advantage for offline as the delivery will be instant, but it comes at a cost of physical effort and time which is not the case with online.

Comfort Level: With so many apps and websites launching every day, we are so many options to consider and so many comfort levels. With offline shopping, there is a requirement for time wherein you need to physically visit stores and make your purchases. However, that is not the case with offline shopping, you can shop on the go whenever and wherever you want without having to worry about time. The delivery is also becoming faster than before with competition growing. There are sites that sell gift cards which you can use to gift someone so that they can buy whatever they want from a particular online store.

Detailed Information: Thanks to the sudden rise of the online market, brands are showing interest towards launching products that are exclusive to Online which is very advantageous over the offline segment. With online exclusive products, the brands are offering details and complete insights about the products and also offers the comparison with products in the similar range. Offline shopping is always dependent on our research, as more often than not, there is a risk of exploiting depending on stores and which brand they wish to promote. This isn’t the case with online.

With more options and time kept aside, the deals and discounts section is the one that we found impressive with the online purchases. With so many e-commerce sites competing against each other, it only does good for the users’ end of the day and that is what matters the most these days.

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