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Five Things a good Web Designer will never tell you

It is easy to rattle off warning signs that say you shouldn’t work with a web designer. You want to work with a local web designer with a reputation for quality, not someone using cookie cutter templates at the lowest price. However, it can be hard to tell the difference between good and bad designers when their sales pitches often sound similar.

Here are 5 things a good web designer will never tell you.

Thanks for the Input, I’ll Let You Know When I’m Done

Good web designers don’t hold a single design session and then tell you they’ll come back when they’re done. They’ll solicit feedback when they have an initial draft of the homepage, ask your team to give their opinion on the new menus and seek testers to make sure things work properly with your backend software.

This is why it’s always better to work with a local web development team that you can contact directly for feedback. If you happen to live in Farnham, the web designers at Pelling are just a phone call away and will take the time to work with clients to create the websites they truly want. You should also consider working with a graphic design team if you want to have a clearer line of communication with them.

Don’t Worry About the End Users

No good web designer dismisses the end users of the website. Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. If you’re an ecommerce site, what they think of your website determines whether or not you stay in business. Even a brick and mortar business has to worry about the end users, since a site that is hard to navigate means people can’t figure out how to call or arrive at your store, costing you business.

Conversely, bad web designers ignore the user experience of your would-be customers. The worst web designers ignore the maintenance aspects of the website for your employees, too, whether it is difficult for them to add new products, time consuming to upload a new blog entry, or the website doesn’t automatically feed orders to your back office for fulfilment. Instead, contact a graphic design firm that knows how to make the site work well as well as look good.

Testing? You’ll Do That When I’m Done

A good web designer will test the website early in the design phase. And they’ll enlist your team to verify that your usual case scenarios all run smoothly. Does the “schedule an appointment” button actually translate to new bookings? Does the shopping cart process run smoothly, separating customers from their money and sending orders to your fulfilment department? Do all menu buttons work correctly and remain readable on any type of device? Does the website look the same on all types of devices and browsers?

The best web design Farnham experts have the tools to test your website and all key functions before enlisting your team to take the site through a run-through. And they’ll fix any issues with the site well before it goes live.

But My Vision …!

One mistake many designers make is building what they think looks good versus what the client wants. This problem occurs with many interior decorators who make the home look like one they’d like to live in, not what the client wants. And it happens with web designers.

For example, they may take a family restaurant’s website and make it look high tech and cutting edge, destroying the branding the restaurant wants to maintain. Or the web designer opts for a minimalist website with bare bones functionality when the childcare provider wants images of happy children in the background. Any web designer who ignores your branding guidelines shouldn’t be given the ability to alter your website. Work with expert web designers and branding Farnham professionals who know how to turn your vision into the website you want.

I Don’t Understand What You’re Saying …

If a web designer can’t speak basic English, they’re probably not going to properly translate your requirements into website features that work the way you want. The same is true for any web designer who has poor communication skills. In the case of international web design firms that promote themselves based on their low price, they’re not likely to create good website copy or implement good search engine optimisation for your website either. Hire a web design firm instead and know they understand what you want. The same can be said about branding, since they need to understand the nuances of your audience and what works vs what could ultimately hurt your brand. In this case, only a branding team could help.

So, if your designer just happens to say any of these things to you, then consider looking for a new web designer. Above all else, good web designers never leave you in the dark about issues and aren’t afraid to let you know when something just isn’t feasible. Don’t settle for yes men and go with a reputable designer that’s on the same page as you and understands your requirements, and they don’t prioritize their preferences over yours.

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