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CES 2016: Five things to look forward to when next week rolls around

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CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada is right around the corner. It looks as if a lot of great new tech is set to be unveiled this year, with a surprising focus on software.

New TVs, smartphones, tablets, and the like have always dominated CES in the past, but this year it seems as if the focus will be on software and practical applications of tech instead.

Also, TV tech is taking the front stage as well, with more 4K TVs than ever before.

Let’s have a look at five things to look forward to when next week rolls around.


New TV tech isn’t going to be in the field of new resolutions. 4K is still going to be the standard offered this year, but this year there will be a lot more of them. In addition, there will be smarter TVs. Smart TVs are a major focus, and it seems they will only get smarter.

New TVs will also be coded to support the next-gen 4K codec HDR. Netflix has also been slated to make an announcement regarding future HDR support at this year’s conference.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, or VR, looks to be a major focus at this year’s conference. HTC and Sony will both be unveiling new VR headset offerings, and the already big player Oculus will be bringing out more on their Rift headset this year.

Internet of Things

This year will be focused on practicality, meaning getting your whole home connected. Big players like Samsung and LG will be unveiling their own entries into the internet of things. Samsung’s new SmartThings integration seems especially interesting, offering full integration of certain household devices for control with your TV or smartphone.


While wearables didn’t take off as expected in the last couple of years, this year offers a chance for certain companies to try once more to capture our attentions. Large wearables companies like Fitbit and Misfit are stating that they will announce new software and possibly hardware at this ear’s CES. Additionally we will see luxury smartwatches, smart glasses, and dog collar activity trackers this year.

Smart cars

Smart cars are destined to take a leap forward this year, or so it would seem. The BMW AirTouch concept will be displayed at CES. AirTouch is a cool new tech that allows drivers to use certain gestures in the air to control things like the temperature and radio without having to take their eyes off the road.

All in all, this year’s CES is slated to bring a lot of cool practical technology to the floor. It will truly be interesting to see all of this stuff unveiled next week and see how it really looks. For now though, all we can do is wait.

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