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Five Surprising Ways Technology Can Make Running Your Business a Little Easier

There are a lot of ways technology can make running your business easier, and you probably use many of them. For example, you probably aren’t a stranger to the Cloud, and you already know a quality website can help people find your business online.

These examples only scratch the surface of how technology can help your business! If you’re looking for new and innovative ways to make tech work for you, consider one of these ideas.

Contract Management

Contract lifecycle management can be a nightmare. From developing the contract to waiting for it to go through the legal approval process and waiting for it to be signed, it isn’t uncommon for it to take over 30 days in order to receive a signed contract.

Whether you’re dealing with third party vendor contracts, legal contracts, or customer contracts, you can make things a little easier with contract management software. The best way to manage your contracts is by having a streamlined way to create, review, and store contracts, you can close deals faster, search through a digital mountain of contracts to find the exact one you’re looking for in an instant, and track changes and approvals to contracts in real time.

Not to mention, by using a program, multiple members of your team are able to check the status of or review contracts quickly and easily without having to bother anyone else.

Virtual Reality

When you think of virtual reality, what comes to mind? You probably imagine someone playing an immersive game in their living room, and if you have spent any time at all watching videos of people playing on YouTube, you’ve probably also seen them knock over the TV.

Virtual reality is a great way to have a little bit of fun, but you can also use virtual reality to help your business succeed.

VR can provide you with a way to immerse yourself and your employees in a simulation that could be helpful for everything from interacting with customers to what to do during a cyber-attack. With virtual reality, you can develop a prototype and see how it works virtually before you spend time and money manufacturing the actual thing.

That’s not all! It can help your customers too. With VR, your customers could see exactly how your clothes fit, how your furniture looks in their actual home, and more.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the stuff sci-fi movies are made of, but it’s also right at home in the office. There are tons of ways artificial intelligence can help your business!

Do you know that chat window that pops up when you visit some websites? This is a form of artificial intelligence. It can automatically answer some common questions, while referring more complex questions to a member of your team, saving you time.

Machine learning can help you process large amounts of data, it can help you better analyze data, and it can help you lock in better cybersecurity too.

The Internet of Things

Even if you don’t know what the Internet of Things (IoT) is, chances are, you have experienced it in real life.

This infrastructure allows for automation and data collection. It’s what’s used in smart homes to make everything work from a tablet, but it can help your business too.

A few ways the IoT can help you in the office include:

  • Tracking maintenance of printers
  • Scheduling lights to turn on and off
  • Smart assistants, like Alexa, can answer questions easily
  • Smart vacuums can clean the office
  • Heatmaping your office to determine which rooms are used the most
  • Smart coffee machines can make sure you never run out of coffee

Smart Automation

A lot of business tasks are easy, but they are time consuming. Fortunately, there is a way to take some of those important, but repetitive tasks, off your to-do list.

Smart automation software can be taught how to automate certain areas of your business. Automation can help you hire new employees by sparking a chain of events that ensures the right people are notified to create an ID badge, assign a computer, and more. Automation can help you post content on your website and social media regularly without having to click “post” yourself, and it can even predict what you’re going to say in an email based on what you’ve typed out before!

You already know technology can make running your business easier, but do you know exactly how easy it can be? If you’re looking for innovative ways to boost your business, look no further than the tech ideas on this list!

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