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Five steps to planning a Party on a Budget

Whether you are planning for an end of year party, a holiday bash or a wedding party, you must get a few things right. The theme, the date, transportation means, and food must be budgeted for. The trouble is that it may not be easy to plan for a party if your budget is small. This article outlines the necessary steps to follow to help you prepare for a party.

  1. Write down all the details.

Come up with a written document showing the details of what you intend to do. It should have details of what you will do before, during and after the party. The document should outline the goals, the checklist and how each of the goals will be achieved. Have the names of vendors, caterers, and any other service provider.

  1. Chose the theme

Choosing the theme for a party is the most natural thing. But some people find it difficult. Thus, most of them will seek help from party planners. If you are operating on a thin budget, it may not be possible to get the services of a party planner. So you will be forced to come up with an appropriate theme. Ask yourself why you are having a party. Think about what you want the rest of the attendants to learn from it. Also, you may choose a theme based on the guest speaker, the venue and the ages of the guests.

  1. Form the transportation committee

The means of transport you choose will depend on the nature of the party. If it is a wedding party, you should have a Limo and a bus to move people from one station to another. Price 4 Limo & Party Bus Rental must be researched on before drafting your final budget. If it is a birthday or graduation party, you may only need to budget for a bus.

  1. Appoint a committee to Plan for food

Whether your budget is small or huge, you need to plan for food. Appointing a committee that will plan for food will save you time. The committee should be given the number of visitors expected and the kind of meals that will be served. It will then sit down to plan on how the food will be acquired, how it will be prepared and served. And again, it all depends on the party you are planning to host.

  1. Organize for committee leader’s meeting

Before you come up with the final budget for the party, let committee leaders meet. They will table their proposals to help you come up with a final budget.

There are many other aspects you may choose to incorporate in planning for a party. But coming up with details and appointing relevant committees will make your work easier. The committee leaders should help in coming up with the final budget.

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