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Five social media trends to follow in 2020

If you read this article, you already know that social media it’s a giant comprised of other giants. And it’s just getting bigger and bigger.

What does that mean? Well, a lot of companies are turning an eye – or both – to the publicity social media is providing. And that translates in big money for these companies and also for the users.

So, are there trends to stick to in this regard? Absolutely. Here are five social media directions to follow this year:

Video content is still a growing thing.

If there is one force that it’s a part of and drives this huge wave which is the social media, that is video content. It already accounts for way more than half of the entire Internet traffic, so this one is a trend here to stay. Markets are already targeted through video content on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, even Twitter for that matter.

And marketers are zeroing in on videos which can capture the user’s attention in mere seconds. Because that fast this trend evolves. If you wonder what makes a video catchy, well, that’s its creativity and engaging storytelling. Bottom line, video content is a long past of being something new – it gained its leading spot for the future.

TikTok continues to rise and rise.

Speaking of videos, one particular platform has a meteoric rise. TikTok started in 2016 and is very rapidly gaining popularity among youth. There are roughly 800 million TikTok users worldwide, and over 300 million of them are between 16 and 24. The thing that makes it unique is that short videos are uploaded. It is like people already know when they see “TikTok”, that soon will follow an interesting, catchy – most of the time funny – short video. It already has 1.5 billion downloads on the App Store and Google Play.

Putting it simply: To be the hottest trend in the biggest trend right now – video content -, you have to own a TikTok account. Also, when it comes to how to make money from TikTok, well, there are several ways. There are donations from the audience or becoming a consultant in this matter. Another way is growing and then selling accounts, and also don’t forget about the power of advertising.

Stories will become more and more popular.

For something even shorter than a video, you have the stories. Either Instagram stories or Facebook stories, they are surely growing in popularity – with almost a billion of their combined users sharing stories every day. And they are kind of taking on the regular feed content, which may soon pass as something obliviated.

And that’s putting is shortly for ephemeral content – maybe Snapchat is the first thing that comes into your minds, but just improved. What makes the stories so popular? Well, people tend to share the most important things of the day, in a few valuable seconds of the display, to get attention with unique content.

Vanity metrics are going down

One thing sure to disappear soon is the vanity metrics. All that like, share, comment, react, and so on will soon be forgotten, at least when it comes to marketing based on social analytics. Vanity will simply not be meaningful metrics anymore. So, how will we know what influence social media has on consumer behavior and local commerce? That’s to see.

What will happen to Instagram?

Nothing bad will happen to Instagram, obviously, but it could have a big change. And losing the Like button is strongly considered. That would come either from commercial reasons or social reasons, like vanity, social value validation, and the mental health influence. Or maybe a mix of all these reasons. The truth is all the likes and the follow-me process has quite a strong impact and puts a lot of pressure on people’s online and offline behavior. And that may be a trend to which not just Instagram, but also other social media giants may think adhering.

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