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Five Reasons your eCommerce Store Needs a Mobile App

Smartphones have become an integral part of the day to day life and today, it is also widely used for online shopping. ECommerce firms trying to expand marketing efforts and attract customers must focus on app-driven sales. Many eCommerce giants have already gone on to build apps to provide users with the app-only user experience.

Let us explore why having a mobile app can help eCommerce stores:

  • Buyers like apps better: To put it simply, it has been found that those who shop online prefer to use an app because it is much more convenient. The user does not have to log on to the site and provide a username or password. He/she can just open the app on the phone and place the order immediately. Apps also work faster than web browsers and give the user a sense of security. The app also stores the settings of the user and offers products or services accordingly. Sometimes, people also tend to get better deals and discounts when compared to other channels.
  • Apps help customer retention: As per market reports, it has come to the forefront that those who download apps tend to have more interest in the brand. These users are also more likely to make a purchase than those who do not download the app. Another advantage of a mobile app is that people tend to spend more time on it than on the company website. If someone has made a purchase, there are more chances that they will make one again on the app within a 30-day period. This way apps help customer retention and also help build loyalty.
  • Larger purchase: Buyers are more likely to make a larger quantity purchase if the goods or services are bought through a mobile e-commerce app, according to recent studies and market reports. This way, a business can significantly increase sales and lookout for more and more customers.
  • Customized services can be offered: App-based companies can obtain a lot of personalised information from users. This data can be used to offer customized products and services. Another feature that businesses can provide is offering suggestions based on the last purchase made. Businesses can also offer rewards to customers on the app or create some type of loyalty program.
  • Better lead generation: All factors such as a user-friendly interface, quality content and user-based suggestions lead to a much higher conversion rate for a business. This makes apps an attractive proposition for app marketing professionals around the world. Also, since payment details, such as information related to debit/credit cards are stored in the app, it speeds up the shopping experience.

Investing in an app can help a business in many ways. It is definitely a worthy investment decision. Another convenience is that customers can use a wide range of payment options, other than credit cards and debit cards. If all the above elements are taken into consideration, any eCommerce store can see unprecedented success in all areas.

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