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Five reasons why Gamers need VPN

When it comes to gaming, there are a bunch of reasons why gamers are keen to protect their IP address along with the rest of their systems. Gamers spend a lot of money and time crafting the perfect gaming computer, and when their system is relatively unsecured, it is easy for someone to get access to their IP address and have a whole bunch of bad things start happening. The way to avoid this for gamers is with a Virtual Private Network or VPN for short. There are many advantages to VPNs, and this article will show the five most prominent.

When it comes to VPN for online games, there are many different options at the disposal of the gamer. The key is making sure that the VPN has all the tools you need to keep you protected while you are gaming and enjoying your time. This is the best way to keep your system safe. There are many great VPNs out there. Find a VPN with lots of different servers around the world, this will help with connecting to the game. Also, be sure your VPN has the ability to do heavy streaming as you’ll need that for games. Finally, most good VPNs do have a monthly fee or a subscription, this isn’t a bad thing, rather it’s something great for you because it helps you distinguish the bad ones from the good ones. You’ll find the investment is worth the money.

Still not convinced? Well, then check out these 5 reasons why gamers like you need a VPN.

No More Geographic Blocks

What happens if you like Xbox console games but can’t play a certain game because you’re in the UK and the title only works in the US? Well, you get a VPN. The VPN allows you to use tunneling to get an IP address from a completely different country and bypass geographic restrictions. This is especially important when it comes to getting new content available for games. There are some countries that have a lot of restrictions on what type of games can be played. For example, the UAE is one of the most restricted internets in the world. When you have a VPN, this means you can get the content you want just by switching servers. The world is truly at your fingertips thanks to using a VPN.

Reducing Lag Time

If you live in New York in the United States but the server for the game is found in San Francisco, that is about a 3,000-mile difference between your system and the game server. This is a major reason why there is a lot of lag time and latency issues for gamers. The good news is that when you have a VPN, you can select a server that is near to the geographic location of the game server. This has lots of positive effects, including reducing ping and latency. While geography doesn’t solve everything, it certainly helps with most issues that are a result of bandwidth congestion. The farther away you are from something, the more crowded the roads are when you are attempting to get to the same place, essentially.

Protection from ISPs

The problem with ISPs in countries where there is no net neutrality is the ISP can throttle the speed of a connection. This is especially problematic in countries that are always playing fast and loose with how they regulate the internet. The reason why VPNs are a solution is that you are connected with a server that is of a country of your choosing. Using the UAE example, there could be plenty of games that are blocked or throttled in the country, getting around the ISP just involves turning on the VPN. Conversely, you could be in a country without net neutrality and be on an ISP that plays games with server connection speed. Having a VPN allows you to go around your ISP and get a proper, fast, and reliable connection.

IP Bans are Gone

Do you know what the worst is? When you are playing a game and some nonsense occurs that causes your IP address to be banned. There’s no coming back from that in theory. The reality is if you have a VPN, you can easily get around the IP bans. The reason for this is because of the VPN tunnels and gets you a new IP address every time that you go onto a different server. Having your IP address disguised is a great way to avoid those annoying VPN bans that in truth do nothing except cause you to walk on eggshells when playing your favorite game.

Protection from DDoS Attacks

One of the easiest tricks in the hackers’ book is the DDoS attack. This acronym stands for Distributed Denial of Service attack. The way these attacks work is the DNS server of your ISP is basically overloaded with requests. When it is overloaded, you can’t get access to the stuff you want to see because the ISP’s DNS server is drowning in nonsense requests. If there is a DDoS attack on a server, the VPN allows you to simply connect with another server that isn’t experiencing the attack. You get to the game easily while others without a VPN are stuck waiting for the attack to end or the ISP to get its DNS server handled and secured. Avoiding DDoS attacks also helps with regular browsing of the internet.


There are many reasons to enjoy a VPN for your online gaming. Besides protecting your privacy – which VPNs are famous for – you also get a situation where you can avoid geographic restrictions, get a better connection, and stay away from bans and DDoS attacks. The VPN is something that every gamer should look into. Having a VPN with a large number of servers and even features like no data logging is ideal. There are many VPN services that even cater to what gamers need out of a proper connection, so get yourself a VPN for gaming today.

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