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Five Reasons Behind Success of Smart TVs Technology

Smart TVs have become popular nowadays. With their high-end features, everyone is rushing to have one. It is an emergent technology where television has built-in internet connectivity that enables access to online services and media streaming. With pre-loaded operating systems, smart TVs also include integrated applications that give the TV an extra non-traditional look. Some recent TVs have preinstalled Software Development Kits where experienced users can develop their applications. Various reasons have led to the success of this technology over the years. The spike in the uptake of Smart TVs can be due to the increased usage of video streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Smart TV uptake in the USA was up to about 74% by the end of 2020. In the UK, 57% of homesteads were reported to own a smart TV.

Below are the reasons behind the success of smart TV technology.

Affordability of smart TVs

The lower cost of the technology and the increased competition has driven down smart TVs price. Various companies have come up with brands that compete in the market on a feature and technology basis. But, there is another reason why the prices of smart TVs have been declining. Some manufacturers of smart TVs keep the actual device price low but make up the revenue through various channels. Some manufacturers collect user data such as apps frequently downloaded, search history, what shows you watch most, and your location. In turn, they sell the data to third parties who use it to determine the best way to market their products. This enables target advertising. Shared revenue from advertising and sales of movies and TV shows is another way that smart TV manufacturers keep the price of the TV low.

The operating system

Smart TVs can have various platforms: Samsung uses Tizen, LG uses WebOS, Sony uses Android TV. Therefore, you should read the specification sheet or ask an expert, what operating system the smart TV uses. The different operating systems mean that there are also different sets of pre-loaded applications. These applications give a user access to various services like online shopping, social media, and communication. You can always download new apps from the operating system’s application store but you should know that not every application is available on every operating system. Therefore, ensure that the operating system contains all the applications you need before buying a television. In practice, smart TV is just like a computer. Smart TV operating systems have a software development kit (SDK) or a Native Development Kit (NDK) that helps third parties in smart TV apps development irrespective of the hardware. These software applications have improved the way people interact. A smart TV gives you access to social media, be it Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.

Regular updates

Smart TVs keep your software and applications up to date by regularly updating them just as your smartphone does. Regular updates eliminate bugs and fortify the security of your system by including critical patches to security holes. Also, the routine software updates can bring in new features in your applications, like the optimizations in a stream’s loading time. With the onset of the internet of things, one security flaw in your home appliances can give an intruder access to all your data. Therefore, patching these security flaws is essential.

User-friendly functions

Using a smart TV, you can not only watch a movie but also simultaneously surf the web. The exchange of data between devices has improved with the inception of smart TV technology. You can connect the smart TV to personal computers and smartphones. Therefore, there is no need to transfer your data to view it on the smart TV directly. They also provide access to online services such as electronic advertising, multimedia applications, gaming, and video-on-demand (VOD).

The other function influenced by smart TVs is the demand Pay for streaming services. Nowadays, you only need to pay for what you need. Unlike traditional TVs where you had to subscribe for channels you never watched only to access one episode, Smart TVs have brought this new enhancement. Through video streaming service providers like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix, you can pay to watch just a season of a TV series. In short, with a smart TV, you pay only for what you require.

Better resolutions and display technologies

Another reason for the success of smart TV technologies is their top-notch graphics and resolutions. They can have a 4K Ultra HD, Full HD, or HD. Therefore, you can sit close to the TV and fully enjoy the immersive experience. The resolutions can also upscale the exiting HD content making the images appear sharper.

Smart TVs apply various display technologies. They may be Liquid crystal display (LCD), light-emitting diodes (LED), and organic light-emitting diodes (OLED). These resolutions and display technologies provide a unique video and gaming experience, making Smart TVs technology successful in youthful demographics.


Due to the reasons above and many more, smart TV technologies have been on a dramatic rise. Statistics indicate that many homes are opting to have a smart TV with 74% already owning one in the recent past. The advantages of a smart TV are many and are all geared to ensuring comfort while minimizing expenditure. These include having access to large amounts of content, on-demand video content, and universal mobile control. Others include the ability to undertake a customized search with or without voice search capability and supreme gamine experiences.

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