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Five myths about Digital Marketing that keeps you from growing

Have you ever heard someone say something that sounds so completely crazy that you had to take a second to pause and think about it? What if that someone was a business owner trying to grow their business, and what they were saying about digital marketing was completely wrong? In that case, we have someone whose business is not going to grow any further without solid investment.

In the last few decades, the landscape of digital marketing has exploded faster and further than anyone could have ever predicted (anyone except possibly Mark Zuckerberg!). Fast internet, streaming services, smart speakers, smartphones, tablets, and better computing abilities have pushed marketers to adapt on a daily basis.

Do You Believe?

There are still some who prefer to live in the dark ages and not go with the modern world. If you don’t think you’re one of these people, check to see if you agree with these five myths about digital marketing. If you do, it could be your business that won’t grow any further.

“Email Marketing is Dead”

You’ve heard it said before that email marketing is dead, but is it true? Recent studies have shown that most people aged 16 or above have an email account that they manage and check daily. Reaching people by email has never been easier with services like Mailchimp making it simple. Go on, give it a try!

“SEO is a Con”

This is usually a myth shouted by those who don’t really know what SEO is. Employing an SEO agency, such as the experts at ALT Agency, to work through your site and work in line with your digital marketing strategy can seem like a big outlay, but the benefits of ensuring good search engine rankings will be felt many times over in new customers or clients.

“Social Media is Just for the Young”

Did you know that Facebook’s over 65 user base is the fastest growing on the platform? More and more older people are joining Facebook to connect with friends and family around the world, and we’re even seeing users over 35 increasing their use of the platform. Social media is fast becoming cross-generational.

“Blogs Don’t Work Anymore”

Blogs absolutely do work, but they’re not the ‘keyword stuffing, horribly written, no information given’ blogs of yesteryear! Blogs in 2020 and beyond need to give back to their users; they need to be informative and concise, useful, and accurate.

Surprising statistics show that longer blogs tend to do better on most websites, keeping visitors on the site for longer and encouraging exploration whilst discouraging bouncing or ‘pogo-sticking’ back to their search results.

“Branding is Not Important Online”

Anyone that starts with the phrase ‘branding is not important’ is in possession of a business that will fail.

Branding is a vital part of your marketing strategy, both online and offline. It ensures a consistent voice across all platforms, guarantees more credibility and authority, and ensures that your fans and customers will recognize your content.

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