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Five mistakes to avoid when creating your own website

Every business needs a website, but before deciding on which local internet marketing company to use, do you know your budget? There are more costs to create your own website than buying a domain and adding some text and graphics. In this article, I have put together a helpful list of common mistakes to avoid so that your site will look great and attract your target audience. Likewise, I have also mentioned several useful tips and hacks that will help expand brand awareness and increase traffic whilst also providing a great user experience.

Mistake #1: Wrong Choice of Website Builder

This is a common mistake that many web developers face. There are over 1000 different CMS, online platforms, and website builders in the world. Choosing the right one is not an easy task. As a rule, they usually choose one of the most famous website builders, without delving into how it is suitable for creating the desired website.

In the future, it will be necessary to modernize the website, add or customize existing pages and sections. And from this moment the problems will begin. Many website builders and online platforms do not allow you to easily and quickly replace the web template. In fact, you will need to redesign the website using the new template. Therefore, if you use online website builders – ask right away – how easy will it be to change the site template in the future?

Mistake #2: Overwhelming Design Elements

Much like putting together an outfit, your site should represent your brand and look sophisticated and polished. The goal is to have your visitors understand what you offer, how to obtain it and provide an overall enjoyable user experience.

Avoid colors that are hard on the eyes and overwhelming amounts of information crammed into the top half (also known as “the fold”) of your site. The easiest and fastest way to ensure a great and tried design is by choosing a premade template. Many site builders like Ucraft offer beautiful, well-edited website templates that you can experiment with to create a perfectly tailored site.

Pro Tip: Make sure you don’t go to the opposite extreme. Your website should be a perfect balance of quality content and images. Too little and your visitor won’t stay for long; too much and they will exit right out.

Mistake #3: Bad or Missing Call-to-Action

The goal of any website is to inspire action. Often people have confusing call-to-action buttons where the message just isn’t clear. Plus, your website content should inspire people to go along with the call to action.

Here are a few things to avoid:

  • Small text
  • Unclear or vague call-to-action
  • Too many different CTAs all over the place
  • Asking for information constantly

Examples of great CTA’s:

  • KlientBoost – Get My Free Proposal
  • Usabilla – Request a Demo
  • Bonobos – See What’s New
  • Travel Wisconsin – Plan Your Getaway

Mistake #4: Non-responsive Site

With over 90% of people accessing the web via mobile or another smart device, not having a responsive or mobile-friendly site can be the kiss of death. Always make sure your site is 100% responsive by choosing a great site builder to create your website.

Be aware that not all site builders are created equal. Most will make your site mobile-friendly, but your site may look off on other smart devices, so be sure to test and check on multiple formats.

Mistake #5: Not Considering the Customer Journey

Everything you add when you create your own website should focus on two questions: “who is my customer?” and “what do they want?”. Often one of the biggest mistakes business owners can make is creating content or a site according to their preferences without considering the customer journey.

A few ways to avoid this HUGE error is by doing the following:

  1. Navigation – making sure the navigation is clear, simple, and easy not only benefits your ranking (more on this later) but it ensures a great customer journey.
  2. Great content – ensure the language and style of your content is appealing and informative (and not limited to one audience) if you want a wide range of people to read it.
  3. Analytics – you may think your site looks amazing, but without testing every element you may be wasting time and cash. Google Search Console and site builders like Ucraft help you easily access analytics from HotJar, Yandex Metrica, and more.

Mistake #6: Little to no SEO

This could be the ultimate error when it comes to a website. Your site may look perfect, the content may be fascinating and relevant but without SEO you might as well not even publish it. SEO is way beyond keywords, although keywords – specifically long-tail keywords – are imperative if you want to rank higher and increase organic traffic.

When you’re dealing with highly-competitive areas, like legal SEO, it’s more important than ever to consider your options for improving your SEO efforts. SEO guidelines are constantly changing, too, so you may be ranking now, but one change in the algorithms could tank your site.

One thing to consider is that many site builders may be somewhat limited in this regard. One option is to outsource to an SEO agency that knows how to optimize every element of your site. You can also give it a go yourself. Here are just some of the great SEO tools you can use for your site:

  • Ahrefs – perfect for keyword search and rankings.
  • Moz Pro – analytics, insights, and more to boost your SERP ranking.
  • DeepCrawl – make sure your site can be crawled easily and has no duplicate content, also tracks backlinks.
  • SEO Apps – use these easy integrations to improve SEO on your titles, descriptions, social images, and even change the behaviour of the robot.

Take Away

Creating your own website doesn’t have to be hard, but it does take some thought. Review these mistakes to make sure your site is user-friendly and is constantly delivering a great user experience with interesting and relevant content.

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