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Five Important Things to Look for When Buying a Tablet

With people becoming increasingly interested in owning large-screen Android devices, there is no denying that the demand for affordable tablets is rapidly rising in almost all parts of the world. When tablets were initially released, they were pretty expensive and they had a limited number of features. But as time passed and the phenomenon of digital transformation became known to the common masses, manufacturers started making improvements in the technology used in tablets.

Tablets now come packed with loads of advanced capabilities and they serve the same functionality as modern laptops but at a cost-effective price. People who travel frequently prefer tablets as they are easier to carry around unlike most laptops and this is what makes them worth spending money on. There was a time when customers had to visit electronic stores for purchasing Android devices but things have changed and you can now buy your favorite tablet from the comfort of your home.

Before we proceed any further, take note that the purpose of this article is to simplify the tablet selection process and we aim to familiarize you with various essential points that can help you make the correct choice in a brief span of time.

Now that digital technology has become advanced and cheaper over the last few years, getting a tablet under $100 is not a hard task anymore. If you have no past experience in buying tablets, you need not be concerned at all since this detailed buying guide will make it easier for you to pick the best Android tablet within the budget you have. Listed below are the 5 most vital factors that you should always keep in mind when buying a tablet in order to get maximum value for your bucks.

Screen Size and Resolution

The first thing you should focus on while purchasing a tablet is the screen size and resolution of the device. No matter which tablet you select at the end of the day, just remember that its screen must be wide enough to display visuals efficiently and ensure an A1 experience. Most Android tablets that are available online have screen sizes ranging from 7 to 10 inches and thus, you can make the final choice as per your requirements.

Since you are going to be using your tablet for screen-intensive activities like viewing multimedia files and browsing the web, the product you choose must boast excellent viewing angles. If its viewing angles are not up to the mark, you will regret your decision in the long run. Moreover, the device must feature a wide range of brightness levels so that reflections do not spoil your experience when you use your tablet outdoors.

Another crucial thing that you need to take into account is the resolution of the tablet. All thanks to digital advancements that have revolutionized the Android industry, there is hardly any tablet out there that features a resolution lower than 720p. One thing you must note is that the higher the resolution, the higher will be the tablet’s price and overall visual clarity. If you can manage to expand your budget a little, it would be preferable to go with a tablet that has a Full HD (1080p) resolution.

Display Panel Type

Just like other technological devices, different tablets come armed with different panel types. This is also the main reason why some tablets are costly whereas some are affordably priced. Although there are many display panel types, you should go with the one that promises good clarity and is easy to afford at the same time. The majority of tablets that have a reasonable price tag have IPS LCD displays, which are mainly popular for facilitating outstanding color reproduction.

You would be glad to know that the IPS LCD technology not only delivers accurate colors but it also paves the way for faster response times. If you are someone who loves playing Android games for the sake of fun, you will see the difference in visuals with your own eyes. Once you get the best display panel type, you must also ensure that the tablet of your choice has a great build quality and a lightweight design. Thus, if you opt for a tablet that is built with low-quality components, there are high chances that your device will lose its efficiency in the years to come and you will have to spend money again.

Processor and Battery

As we all know, the main component responsible for delivering performance in a tablet is none other than its processor and this is something you cannot neglect under any circumstance. It must be noted that there is no shortage of different processor types in the online marketplace. However, mid-range tablets are usually powered by either Mediatek or Snapdragon processors, which are just perfect for day-to-day usage.

If you are on the lookout for a tablet with outstanding processing speed, you must invest in a device that is equipped with a high-end processor, or else your money may get wasted. Given the increasing demand for blazing-fast performance, manufacturers have started increasing the number of cores in processors with an aim to make them more efficient. The nicest advantage of multi-core processors is that they are relatively faster, which is also why they perform notably better than most single-core CPUs.

If you do not want to experience lag while running several applications simultaneously, you should pick a tablet that has either a dual-core or quad-core processor. Since no one likes to face the hassle of charging their devices every now and then, choosing a tablet with a decent battery is a matter of high importance. Keeping all this aside, the device you end up selecting must have a minimum battery life of up to 6 hours.

You should make certain that the battery capacity of your tablet is more than 4000 maH. Moreover, you can easily make your tablet’s battery last longer by utilizing its inbuilt battery saver mode.

RAM and Storage

One of the most common mistakes that people make is that they buy a tablet with an insufficient amount of RAM and regret later when they do not get the expected performance from their device. You must understand that an Android tablet consumes more resources as compared to a  smartphone. Above all, professional tech enthusiasts in different parts of the world agree that having enough memory in your tablet is as important as having a power-packed processor.

Ideally, you should go with a tablet that has at least 4GB of RAM, however, 2GB can also do the job. As far as the tablet’s storage capacity is concerned, you should consider buying only those devices that have ample internal storage and which offer full support for external MicroSD cards. In case you get 32 GB of storage capacity and happen to run out of space at some point in time, all you have to do is to get a MicroSD card that will increase space in your device, thereby efficiently meeting your ever-changing storage needs.

OS Updates and Features

It is a known fact that Android keeps rolling out updates for both tablets and smartphones on a regular basis. This is basically done to fix critical bugs and enhance user experience. Before you decide to invest in a tablet, you should check if it is efficient enough to be eligible for system updates. The reason being that a large number of tablets do not have the capability to support updates.

For this purpose, you can visit the product’s official website and do a little research to confirm whether the tablet you have chosen will receive Android OS updates in the future. After confirming this much, see to it that you properly go through the tablet’s specifications and take a close look at all the advanced features that the device is packed with. Once you are satisfied with what the tablet has to offer, you can make the purchase right away.

os and updates tablets

Final Words

Having emerged as a great alternative to laptops, tablets have become more famous than ever owing to their compact size and lightweight design. Their popularity has risen to such a great extent that people of all age groups dream of buying tablets for varied purposes like watching videos, creating documents, multitasking, and so on. However, it has been seen that a lack of technological knowledge makes the tablet selection process seem complex to many people.

While it is true that the online market is flooded with tablets of different brands, you can easily get your hands on the best product if you think carefully. Now since you have reached the article’s end, we really hope that the factors covered in this buying guide will boost your knowledge and help you select the right tablet for your everyday needs. If you want to reach out to us for more information regarding cheap Android tablets, just drop your email address details in the comment section below so that we can contact you at the earliest.

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