Google recently announced the new Android N Preview 3 beta during its annual I/O event. However, there are certain features in Android N which are not available on iOS 9. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at those Android N highlights, that Cupertino should definitely add to its OS in the next few months.

Split-Screen Multitasking

The upcoming Android N offers support for split-screen functionality for both smartphones and tablets. Even though iOS 9 provides support for split-screen on the iPad, this feature is not yet available on  the iPhone.

Google Assistant

The refreshed Assistant software enables you to engage in a lively discussion with the Android device when compared with Apple’s Siri. You can research a particular area for restaurants, malls and such, including the capability to perform a reservation through OpenTable.

Instant Apps

With Instant Apps, you will be able to access or make use of certain applications without having to download and install the specific app. This feature will be useful for online-based payment transactions since you can work with Android Pay even before obtaining it.

Moreover, you will be able to test apps directly from the Google Play Store without downloading it. If you are not satisfied with the functioning of the app, then you can skip it and use the conventional method.

Power Saving Features

Android N will have an enhanced power saving features like Doze, which automatically puts devices in a dormant state when not in use. Google has added more refinements to this feature.

According to analysts, even though Apple has added a new Low Power mode, they are not as impressive as Android N. If you run Android N on your smartphone, you will be able to view the benefits of Doze anytime when the display is turned off.

Google also announced Project Svelte, which prevents apps from automatically waking up when network connectivity status changes.

Virtual Reality

The upcoming release of Android N ships with a comprehensive VR experience via Daydream. If you are unaware, Google Daydream is an advanced software and hardware platform for both headsets and controllers. It provides developers with all the required tools they need to leverage the advantages of virtual reality capabilities of Android N.