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Five biggest benefits of Augmented Reality eCommerce


When Pokémon Got popularity in selected countries in July 2016, it was the first time many people have ever seen AR or increased truth in practice. Individuals who don’t usually play video games attempted this one, only to see how animated characters could “come in reality” from their mobile camera view display.

Until then, there have been just a few apps to use AR to reach such saturation in our society, but the technology behind AR has evolved slowly, so much so that over the next few years you will expect an influx of accessible AR uses to enter to enhance our everyday lives.

Think of the electronic mechanic that can look at the car engine from the mobile and see precise schematics overlaying the actual unit. Or imagine the option to interact at a modern gadget using AR and see the reasons for what each button appears instantly. No more manuals required!


Of course, AR has not left e-commerce unnoticed,

In Reality, AR is opening up a whole new universe of possibilities for internet retailers to do something that brick-and-mortar businesses may only think about.

Let’s look at the five benefits of augmented reality ecommerce.

  # 1: Consumers test before they purchase

We have been willing to purchase vehicles digitally for years now. And yes, there are already several car dealerships in every region in the United States. The same is true with shoes, watches, papers, and just about everything else.

Why will too many people choose to go to a brick-and-mortar shop when they can just as conveniently purchase online?

Since they like to try it before they purchase it.

Many tend to drive in a vehicle until they register on the dotted line. We like to see how a jacket or jumper looks until we make a purchase.

We like to know how the ring looks on the finger until we spend a hundred dollars.

AR takes away a lot of the benefits that traditional retailers have over e-commerce. With virtual reality apps, consumers will see the commodity in depth before transferring it to their cart.

When the technology behind augmented reality progresses, 3D versions of these devices can only get more practical in practice.

Imagine watching how makeup appears on your face in actual time, use the front-facing mirror. Can a specific method be used to purchase shoes, shades, caps, t-shirts, footwear, or other products?

Customers who test the items before purchasing them will be less willing to refund them later as they will feel more positive in their purchase. It ensures fewer refunds, less revenue wasted, and happy consumers leave good feedback in your online shop!

# 2: AR is trying to make the goods more memorable

Not everybody who enters the shop will purchase it. Visitors to the platform come and go. They ‘re searching for a minute, then jumping. Perhaps they also decided to know what the company was all about. Or maybe they don’t have the money to purchase anything right now.

You should collaborate with a web designer to customize every pixel on your website. And you should work with a digital marketer to refine every term on the landing page to bring users in. Yet no amount of enhancement is going to make the website bounce-proof.

Of course, you ‘d better use retargeting features for marketing such bounced visitors later on, either by Facebook’s fantastic service (the strongest out there, for the time being) or Google’s Adwords framework, such as selective pre-rolling on YouTube videos.

Yet is there anything more you can do to have some future buyers back on sale?

According to one report, AR stimulates more of the brain’s sensory memory than seeing pictures, watching films, or just seeing something in VR. What does this say to you?

If more of your brain is involved, especially your brain’s visual areas, you would be more likely to recall what you saw later.

It Ensures that the offering if presented via AR, would be more memorable.

And the customers will come and go. Until skipping, they may choose to encounter your items with AR. If so, they will carry the experience with them, clear, for a long time. Of course, the memory should make retargeting advertising more successful later on. Also, the same analysis, from above, showed that AR often generates a “surprise” response from the brain. The fun experience feeling is going to remain with the consumer for a long time.

Yeah, virtual reality will help close the bargain on the first visit, but it can also help pull the non-purchasing guests over time by rendering the goods more exciting and unforgettable!

# 3: AR is enhancing your brand

Since AR is so fresh and has not yet invaded our society, you can stand out as a business by adding augmented reality apps on your e-commerce shops.

Your e-commerce employee has a unique brand, a reputation, a prominence. Or, mainly through the online shop is fresh and has no credibility, you ‘re going to want to set up a promotion scheme and start promoting the brand as soon as possible.

That ensures that every part of your online shop, including your site design, branding, and product images — must suit the identity you ‘re trying to create.

AR will help you create a brand like that. Including augmented reality technology to your e-commerce company helps you appear fresh, innovative, and inventive.

# 4: AR express your Care About the Consumer

Continuing our discussion around positioning, implementing AR technology when it still early provides another significant benefit over your reputation for the clients.

Imagine, you ‘re showcasing these incredible photos and videos of your company on your e-commerce platform. The banner or header then allows the user to display the offer in better depth using AR.

“We like our company in all its depth,” you explain to the consumer, “and we want you to see it for yourself. We know you’re going to enjoy it, too.”

What is the consumer going to think? Even if they’re not going to use the AR feature on their phones, they’ll see your brand as more thoughtful. Yeah, look at what Company X did to you. They just want me to get the greatest possible experience.

#5: AR Makes Products Look More Premium (and Worth More cash)

I think you’ve used the saying, “The bird in the hand is better than two in the bush,” right? What does this contribute to AR and e-commerce?

Studies suggest that products shown in AR are perceived as more desirable and deserve a higher price tag. AR helps you to place the “bird” in the hand of the client.

Let’s assume you ‘re marketing a product you care for. The downside is that the substance is not photogenic, which means it doesn’t look well on the computer. Is this going to affect the bottom line? Absolutely!

Now, let ‘s assume that AR lets the same product seem to be more expensive. It’s the most excellent feature that will show, and the clients will see it, too. Consumers are purchasing more of the goods and ready to spend more than they did before.

The company you genuinely believe in has a decent probability of success, as AR can shed a more positive light on it.