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Five best tips to earn money online with your smartphone

Your Smartphone! The 6-inch device has the world on its tips, quite literally. A few apps, one keypad, an easy to use interface and suddenly we are glued to this tiny screen. Time and again, leading researches, tech gurus have stated that no invention has changed the world as a smartphone has. Once it came into use, the graph only went upwards for this invention.

But, what if I tell you that the same screen that you’re glued to for more than 4 hours a day is not being used to its full potential! Furthermore, you are missing out on so many opportunities just because you don’t know the potential of this 6-inch device that has the capability of connecting a billion people, all at once and none altogether.

The potential that I’m talking about is, earning money from your phone. Yes, that’s right. This is not a publicity gimmick all of you, this is real. In this article, I will outline 5 very simple tips and tricks for earning money with your smartphone anywhere. And before you ask, no, you don’t have to sell your phone. So, let’s start with earning 101.

Tip #1: Surveys

In this world where everything is run on data, only the data that you use and give governs all the spheres of your communication on the internet. Be it big brands, small start-ups, all companies require data for digital marketing, product improvement, selling, exposure, and otherwise.

The simplest way that companies do this is by getting surveys filled out. Through these surveys, the companies determine the current market position and hence take actions accordingly. The surveys are filled by the common consumer and hence become an easy passage to make that extra cent.

Tip #2: Having Fun & Playing Games Online

Yes, you can earn money while having fun. There are many online casino sites that are absolutely safe to use and also give a variety of gaming options. Whether it’s rummy, poker, or other well-known games, these popular websites have it all.

All you have to do is, invest a small amount and then see the result come to fruition. It also gives you a medium to interact with so many different people from around the world and also impress everyone with the new tricks that you learn from these gaming websites. You can check out Bspin for their amazing offers and deals. Not to mention, they also allow Bitcoin for payments.

Tip #3: Selling Items

No medium has the reach of the Internet. Human beings are gifted with the rare quality of convincing. Nothing promotes items like word of mouth, or in the 21st century called the word of social media.

Many websites offer the opportunity to select the products and promote them on social media or in your general circle. For every particular number that you sell under you or by your reference, you can either get cash or even gift cards to major shopping sites like Amazon, eBay. This is an easy way to earn fast cash.

Tip #4: Activating Offers and Redeeming Receipts

Many apps run a very legit scheme that basically involves you earning money whenever you purchase something. Taking the example of a grocery store visit, apps like Ibotta, ask you to scan your receipt on the way out after the purchase. Before you check out, activate the cashback offers within the app. With Ibotta, you can get cash back at nearly any grocery store.

Plus, the app also works at discount stores like Walmart and Target too. When you cash out, you can request payment by PayPal, Venmo, or gift cards. This is just one example. Many apps compare your purchase prices and, through analysis, check the average prices and offer instant returns! Who knew grocery shopping could be so rewarding?

Tip #5: Surf the Web and Watching Ads

It’s so easy to waste time mindlessly surfing the web and scrolling through social media. Why not earn some extra cash while your scrolling finger gets a workout? Quite a few apps and top ptc websites award you with points for watching ads.

Then, you can redeem your points for payouts—including gift cards and even cash! Some of the apps even offer you money to display on your lock screen. Just watch those ads, and you get instant cash.


You can also earn money by investing your driving skills and your knowledge of your city by becoming a part-time Uber/Lyft driver. You can invest your time during festivals, holidays, and earn cash daily while interacting with so many different kinds of people. It’s a simple method, and all you need is good driving skills!

Final Words

The smartphone is both a boon and a curse. It is up to us what we make of it. It can either be the Holy Grail in your hand, or you can keep cursing it as the device that ruined your life. Use your time efficiently and make money along the way!

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