Five best portable Solar chargers to fuel your smartphone on the go

Cell phones are our omnipresent connection to the world but a dead battery will render them useless at the least opportune moment. Solar cell phone chargers ensure that you have limitless power regardless of the circumstances.

Unlike other portable charging devices that typically have to be charged up at home, portable solar chargers’ power reserves can be replenished by energy from the sun. Therefore, they come in very handy in situations where there is little or no access to power outlets for long periods of time.

Here are the top five portable solar chargers worth considering:

1. Voltaic Amp: (Price: Rs. 6,730)

The Voltaic Amp is a perfect mix of form and function. The dual-voltage- capable panels expand its use beyond charging simple small devices, making it great for rechargeable DSLR cameras too. The great thing about the Voltaic Amp is its detachable battery. The battery is a rechargeable 4,000 mAh, making it big enough to charge most smartphones at least 1.5 times before going completely dead. However, it charges passively when left connected to the solar panels inside its handy carrying pouch that can be easily carried or left in most any bag. The only downside is that the pouch is not large enough to keep your device inside while it charges.

2. JOOS Orange: (Price: Rs. 10,095)

The JOOS Orange features sturdy construction designed for outdoor use and is definitely capable of going most anywhere you want to take it. The LiPo battery is exceptionally a powerful at 5,400 mAh, meaning it can charge your smartphone with room to spare. The Orange is rugged and durable. It is on the larger side, which means it's not quite a portable as others, but it’s no bigger than an iPad, so it will likely fit in any bag.

3. Voltaic Fuse 6W: (Price: 8,682)

The removable battery makes the Fuse 6W one of the most versatile solar smartphone chargers. It allows you to charge your devices without having to worry about finding an available outlet, but also lets you carry it as a simple battery pack when you just need the simple portability. The battery is functional as a stand-alone, external 4,000 mAh pack that offers pass-through charging capabilities. This means you can charge your cell phone, smartphone, tablet or other microUSB connected device while the charger's battery charges too. As an external battery, you can charge it with the solar cell or a USB powered outlet.

4. Solio Classic2: (Price : 6,724)

The Solio Classic2 offers adequate charging and highly efficient panels, all in a compact package. The Classic2’s highly efficient panels are only made better by there being three of them. They rotate out on a central axis that allows for even distribution and maximum coverage. Solio even provides a pencil that allows you to prop them up and offers guidance on aiming them directly at the sun by using the pencil as a guide, similar to how one would use a sundial.

5. PowerBank CVADG-S81: (Price : 2,217)

The PowerBank CVADG-S81 is a useful complement to today’s big smartphones. Its large capacity battery ensures days of use, and it's still smaller than the most popular smartphones. This affordable solar phone charger has a 10,000-mAh capacity, which is enough to charge the Samsung Galaxy S5 three and a half times.

Solar panel technology has come a long way in a short amount of time. Each of the above-mentioned solar chargers is perfect with respect to their usage. Whether you need one for day-to-day use in suburbia or rugged outdoor use in the middle of nowhere, you will definitely find the best for yourself.