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Five Best headless eCommerce platforms in 2021

Headless eCommerce is gaining rapid attention in recent years. It is a commerce solution that helps your online business grow and become future-proof. People these days are absorbing content from varying touchpoints. Be it be web pages or cellphones, the audience is moving and away and ahead of the traditional platforms. Consequently, traditional businesses are switching to headless eCommerce platforms to keep up with the advancing customers. If a business desires to exist and thrive in the long run, it requires adapting modern solutions and technologies.

The answer to all of the concerns mentioned above is headless eCommerce platforms and headless management of content. Based on the requirements and fulfillment of modern customer demands, we have listed below the top 5 headless eCommerce platforms to look out for in 2021. Let us take a look.


BetterCommerce is a composable headless eCommerce solution for businesses ranging from mediocre spread to enterprise levels. If yours is a business that has outgrown your existing eCommerce platform, BetterCommerce is an ideal pick for you. It offers a perfect combination of headless commerce modules and APIs that help grow your business by integrating with the current technology investment at your budget and pace.

With BetterCommerce, you get complete control of how the front end should look. It is built using Azure which makes it simple for business owners and flexible for coders and developers. BetterCommers helps host, manage, and maintain businesses from a distance and offers impressive customer support throughout. In addition, there is advisory guidance and support that helps your business thrive. 

Make your business easier with BetterCommerce

BetterCommerce helps complex businesses to thrive from level zero. It enables you to run several stores without the requirement of multiple logins. You can create stores within one account, and your business can take advantage of having a shared catalog that can be made available to respective stores selectively. The content of every store can be independently managed, thanks to BXB (Better Building Experience). Each store can have its customized journey based on the target audience.

With BetterCommerce, your audience would also have the flexibility of one sign-in for all the various platforms or even solo logins based on preference. In both cases, your business can manage the contents, audience, orders, goods, etc., from one place. With features like this, you can pay less attention to your store management and focus more on sales and marketing.


BigCommer comes with complete-service features that one needs to grow their eCommerce business. It offers tools for customer segmentation, cart recovery, product listing, payment processing, and others. With the headless eCommerce feature of BigCommerce, you can run multiple stores across various channels using one account. Its headless eCommerce technology offers API-driven customer experiences via application devices, your CMS, or a customized frontend. This helps in enhancing customer experiences like customized checkouts, cart experiences, etc.  

BigCommerce easily integrates with several platforms like Google, eBay, and Amazon. It also works in association with hundreds of apps, including Webgility, Stripe, NetSuite, etc. BigCommerce presents itself as a united solution suitable for seamlessly running an eCommerce business. The site editor of the platform enables you to customize and edit your web store as per your website language. In addition, their customer support team is available round the clock via phone call or e-mail.

SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris is another eCommerce platform that offers customer engagement. It is an evolving eCommerce solution known for its flexibility and can seamlessly work on any available channel. Based on your scale of operations and requirements, SAP Hybris can be used as a hybrid suite, and you can deploy it on-device, in the cloud, and on-premise. It provides an impressive set of tools that suit businesses in several fields, including telecommunication, manufacturing, financial services, etc.

Some of the primary benefits include enterprise security, vendor reliability, and several features. The solutions and products of SAP Hybris are designed with data-centric and customer-centric goals in mind. With SAP Hybris, your company can afford more digital transformation and automation.

SAP Hybris enables you to use omnichannel B2C and B2B interaction tools and has your customers engaged across different platforms. In this way, your company can successfully deliver your customers exactly what they need from varying touchpoint channels.

Magento Commerce

Magento Commerce enables developers to provide highly customized applications based on the requirements of customers. Customization can be facilitated and delivered by experimentation. Magento has a split system that encourages experimentation without disrupting one another’s operations. The decoupled architecture helps the integration and facilitation of new features at a fast rate.

Magento facilitates experiments due to the arrangements being separated and not interrupting the procedures of one another. The decoupled architecture of your store expedites new integrations and features at a fast rate. The inventory management feature of Magento allows shipment to stores at an accurate time. It enables you to check your inventory levels across all the locations, including stores, warehouses, drop shippers, etc. With Magento Commerce, you get a live number of your selling stock. In addition, you can easily configure your store’s management settings per product per source. The dashboard enables you to conceive your key points in bubble charts and dynamic scatter. They also offer support through a ticket system.


WooCommerce is one of the most famous open-source eCommerce solutions. The core platform is flexible, accessible, and magnified by a global community. Open-source refers to having complete ownership of your store and data forever. Whether you launch a business or are launching a website, WooCommerce is ideal for blending commerce and content. It gives you beautiful storefronts with in-built themes that are best suitable for your industry and brands. You can benefit from using the modular product blocks and customize pages in no time. Added advantages like dynamic pricing, memberships, bookings, and subscriptions are merely an extension away.

WooCommerce offers you a centralized customized dashboard for your business that helps you check the performance metrics. It allows Google ads, Facebook, Mailchimp, HubSpot, etc., integrations such that you can expand your audience and market your goods. You can enhance your store and its functionality with the various paid and free extension choices available at the WooCommerce marketplace. Expert developers regularly review the WooCommerce marketplace standard to make services smooth. Also, WooCommerce allows management of your store from mobile phones, both iOS, and Android.

While sharing your data with WooCommerce, you can be assured of it being kept secure. You can also opt-out anytime without having the data security suffer. WooCommerce is a future-proof platform, unlike hosted eCommerce platforms. If you ever wish to migrate to a different platform, you can easily export all your data without any restrictions.


With the mention of the best 5, we come to a wrap. It is essential to know that not any headless eCommerce platform is perfect. However, some would make your journey more effortless than ever. All you need to do is choose the right platform for your business. Being the one who best knows your business, it’s only you who can decide the best for your venture. We suggest research well, list your priorities, and pick the best amongst the lot.

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