Five must-have Ramadan apps for Android and iOS

With Ramadan just around the corner, it becomes quite difficult for working people to know the right schedule for namaz, fasting, and breaking fast. Billions of Muslims around the world observe the ritual of fasting. The holy month is not only limited to fasting but also to read Quran and offer namaz to deepen one’s faith.

However in this fast paced world, it becomes easy to lose track of time. This does not mean that people need smartphones to remind them of their faith, but one thing that these apps can surely help users with is they can notify you to make time for prayer and to fast (Iftar and Sheri). Here are the top five Ramadan apps that will indeed make your life much easier during this Holy month.

Muslim Pro – Azan, Quran, Qibla

Muslim Pro is one of the best Islamic mobile apps that offer accurate prayer time based on the current location; it calls for prayer (Azan) and it also has the Qibla compass to give you the exact direction of Mecca. Along with that, it also has a full audio Holy Quran translated into 15 different languages. If that’s not all, it has maps to halal restaurant and mosque located nearby. Also, 99 names of Allah and Prophet Mohammad are there in the app for all the worshippers.

Download – Android | iOS

Quran Majeed

Well, the fact remains that carrying a hard copy of Quran can be tough for people who have to commute on a regular basis. But the good news is that Quran Majeed is one of the best e-Quran that allows reading entire text from your smartphone. The app includes translation in 45 languages and also recital features which make you listen some of the most known orators reading the Quran. The app is available for download for both iOS and Android users.

Download – Android | iOS

Muslim’s Prayers times

Muslim’s Prayers times is one of the most favorite apps as it has got more than 12,000 user reviews in Google Play. The app has some amazing feature like it can act as an alarm for five Islamic daily prayers, show the position of qibla, moon phases and all the other important Islamic events. The reliability of the app can be understood by the fact that six calculation methods like Muslim World League, Umm Al-Qura Makkah was used to set the exact time of the prayer.

Download – Android 

myDuaa: Fortress of a Muslim

This app is a lifesaver for all the people who don’t have enough time to go through the entire Quran, as it has a database of Duas marked for different occasions during the holy month. The user has the option of bookmarking any dua with a single tap. It also comes with English translation along with audio options. This app is very reliable and can be downloaded for $.99.

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Ramadan Kareem

One of the unique features of the app is that it includes a Quran calculator which helps to determine how many pages to be read every day during Ramadan to achieve one reading goal at the end of the month. It also has free TV and Radio streams, some of the top Fatwa and some of the most amazing Ramadan recipes that can be prepared quickly during this month. Along with that, it also has guidelines on the do’s and doesn’t of Ramadan.

Download – Android

Even though this will be a difficult month for all the people who are fasting but thankfully with these apps, the process of fasting will become convenient during the holy month.

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