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Fitbit unveils new $200 Smart Wearable ‘Blaze’ with touch color display

The Blaze has all the requisites of a premium fitness tracker. It features the GPS to keep you in touch with your pace and also gives you the distance you walked or ran. It also features a constant heart monitor to ensure that your heart beats at a constant rate that is important when you do aerobic exercises. Simply it helps you to get a better idea of the health of your heart.

Also available is a multi-sport mode that gives the statistics of your performance in different kinds of physical activities like biking, weights, or Yoga.

The device features a “SmartTrack” feature that automatically recognizes the kind of exercises one is doing and also records the stats on a Fitbit app. The device also features a sleep tracker that vibrates gently and wakes you up.


Of particular interest to fitness, buffs are its integration with FitStar, a customized training app that offers step by step workout guides. So users will be able to get instructions as well as easy to use animated guides for three popular FitStar workouts that include a 8 minute warm up exercises followed by a 7-minute workout and 10 minutes Abs.

The Blaze has style, and it will enamor with its appealing modular design that can help the user choose out the tracker into different frames that could be connected to different bands. Default straps are made up of optimum performance elastomer suitable for workouts. However ,users can replace this with premium leather or stainless steel options, which are $99.95 and $129.95 respectively. The leather and steel options come paired with stainless steel frames. Elastomer bands are available in black, blue and plum hues while leather options are available in black, mist grey or camel.

The device is available for $199 which is economical than the FitBit Surge’s price at launch that was $249. Pre Orders begin today.