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Fitbit Blaze, Fitbit Alta updated with new cool features


Fitbit has announced new software features to be included in the Fitbit Blaze aimed at giving a more personalized and motivating experience. Fitbit Blaze and Alta have been the best selling products by Fitbit since their launch earlier this year. The latest update offers the following features:

1. Keep moving: Regular reminders to move helps the user stay active. The real-time progress tracker, friendly messages, and vibration help keep a regular tab and thus stay motivated. The personalized scheduling helps create mini goals of 2-3 minute walking, and the regular congratulations after the mini goals are achieved, add to the motivation factors.

2. Smart connectivity: Notifications from smartphones are delivered to the smartwatch for on-the-go viewing. Even social media notifications from Facebook, Twitter, etc. will be delivered to the watch. The option to customize which notification can be received is also there.


3. Clock skins: Different clock views, dials etc. give options, and thus never get bored of the looks.

Following are the different editions with their specialties:

1. The Alta Special Edition Gold Series priced at Rs. 14,999 features a shiny tracker which is hand-polished and is available with a classic fitness band.

2. The Blaze Special Edition Gold Series priced at Rs. 22,999 has a frame made of premium gold satin-finished stainless steel with a slim pink tapered fitness band for those seeking a thin band.

Fitbit Alta and Blaze Special Edition Gold Series along with their accessories from Fitbit have been made available for pre-order on Fitbit.com and at major retailers in India, such as Croma, Reliance Digital, Jumbo, Helios, and Vijay Sales. The Special Edition Gold Series will be globally be made available globally at major retailers from this month and Fitbit Alta bangles in silver and gold will be made available in October and November, respectively.

Having started as a small project, Fitbit has come a long way in establishing a niche user-base. With some stiff competition arising from the likes of Samsung and Pebble, the $4 billion startup is making serious progress as a premium product manufacturer. The extent of its success is highly dependent on the innovation it has come up with time and again. Now, the features that it has offered with its latest products may not be a first in the industry but sure goes well with the brand name.