Find Google Easter eggs in your android device, hangouts and play the game

This year, you will have to do a lot more to locate Google’s Easter egg on your Android phone while making use of recently launched Hangouts to make the best use of the Easter holiday. Known for planting mini-games throughout products Google’s latest Easter egg will come as an adorable Flappy Bird-like game that Android users will have to access through the settings menu.

[pull_quote_center]The search giant teased this year’s Easter egg with a tweet, ‘We are searching for a different kind of Easter egg today. Here’re a few clues to help you find this one #android.'[/pull_quote_center]

The game comes as hard as Flappy Bird and instead of controlling a bird, you will be prompted to navigate a tiny Android robot through a number of lollipop filled stages. To be able to play the game, simply go to settings menu scroll down to ‘About Phone’ where you will need to tap the Android Version field five times.

Once a Lollipop appears on the screen long press it, after which the game should appear on the screen. The goal of the game is to avoid hitting the lollipops. The Easter eggs game has been inspired by addictive controversial game Flappy Bird that requires users to fly Android mascot across the field of lollipops instead of flying a bird through pipes. This year’s game is however as hard as the original Flappy Bird.

Google launched its hangouts chat service replacing Gtalk ones and for all and to mark the resurrection of Jesus, users can now send cute, animated Easter bunnies and emoji’s through the app. Easter is celebrated by Christians worldwide commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. According to the scripture, Jesus died on the cross on Good Friday and resurrected on the third day which is Easter Sunday.