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Fiction Becoming Reality through Quantum Entanglement; Teleportation

Teleportation is a word which may be news to many but it is mainly featured in fictional movies. Teleportation has an interesting science behind it that can be explained in detail by those who introduced such a process. Apparently, in the near past, some of the Chinese scientists have expressed success in transmitting images from their space station to the earth through application of teleportation rather than ordinary telecommunication methods. It is an interesting product of science and hard work form the scientists.

Is Teleportation Similar to Common Image Transmission?

And what is this term, “Teleportation”? In simple explanation it is basically transmitting images from one remote location to another. The image will appear on the real state of the object in real time. Think of a fax machine which send information from a paper to another machine which prints it on the paper exactly the way such images appeared on the master paper.

Teleportation, therefore, involves transmission of states of objects using photon particle. Photon are basically found in any molecule of any element. Think about chemistry, think about elements such as Sodium. There are photon particle in such elements which enable teleportation.

Thanks to the Quantum Entanglement Phenomena

You will be amazed to find out that objects on earth can be teleported to the orbit or space using a phenomenon known as quantum entanglement. This is basically the creation of two similar particle in two places at the same time hence both existing at the same time.

The reflection of an object on earth for example, is presented on the orbit in real time. Wow! This is amazing because we can create our images to appear in places where we are not physically present.

How True Is Scientific Teleportation?

The truth of this matter lies on the statement of a professor from Bristol University who has been researching on quantum entanglement for more than two decades. He confirms that it is possible to transmit objects to a remote planet but one has to be prepared to exchange billions of entangled particles as well as the information associated before we can come down to sending a single state of the object. This appears to be an uphill tasks which required a lot of time and patience though.