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Felix the Cat Swings Back into Action: Konami Revives Retro Platformers

Konami is delving into its vault of forgotten treasures, unveiling plans to revive a selection of classic platformers – including rare Felix the Cat titles – throughout 2024. This initiative, partnered with Limited Run Games, aims to bring beloved 8-bit and 16-bit era adventures to modern audiences across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

Key Highlights:

  • Rediscover Lost Gems: Two retro compilations are confirmed: a Felix the Cat collection featuring NES and Game Boy games, and a Rocket Knight Adventures trilogy spanning across 16-bit platforms.
  • Preserving History with Modern Twists: The Felix collection includes the 1992 NES and 1993 Game Boy entries, previously rare and expensive for collectors. Both games will run on Limited Run’s Carbon Engine, offering save states and “other quality-of-life fixes” to enhance the classic experience.
  • Digital and Physical Options: Konami will handle digital distribution on the aforementioned platforms, while Limited Run Games will offer physical editions for dedicated retro enthusiasts.
  • More to Come: A third, currently undisclosed collection is slated for announcement in February 2024, hinting at further surprises from Konami’s rich video game heritage.

This resurgence of retro platformers represents a welcome trend in the gaming industry. With pixelated adventures enjoying renewed popularity, these re-releases offer a chance to introduce younger players to iconic characters and gameplay styles like those found in Felix the Cat. The inclusion of enhancements like save states caters to modern sensibilities while preserving the core charm of these timeless games.

For fans of Felix the Cat, this marks a thrilling opportunity to revisit or discover the feline hero’s pixelated escapades. The NES and Game Boy titles, known for their vibrant levels and inventive mechanics, remain fondly remembered by players who experienced them during their original release. Their accessibility through this compilation opens a portal to a bygone era of platforming bliss.

The Rocket Knight Adventures trilogy, showcasing Sparkster’s jetpack-fueled action across the Mega Drive, SNES, and Genesis, promises another dose of nostalgic adrenaline. These acclaimed titles, praised for their fast-paced combat and intricate stages, will undoubtedly resonate with veterans and newcomers alike.

Konami’s re-release initiative extends beyond mere nostalgia. It’s a vital act of video game preservation, ensuring these gems are accessible to future generations. By breathing new life into these classic platformers, Konami not only caters to existing fans but also paves the way for a new wave of players to experience the magic of retro gaming.

With two confirmed collections and more on the horizon, Konami’s retro revival is shaping up to be a delightful journey through gaming history. As anticipation builds for the upcoming releases, one thing remains certain: Felix the Cat is back, and his return marks the exciting rediscovery of a lost era of platforming greatness.

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