A couple of days ago, HTC officially launched its new flagship phone. Yes, we are talking about none other than the HTC 10! Bundled with never before seen features, amazing specifications, and exceptional build quality, the HTC 10 has all the punch to take the Android market by storm.

Not to forgot the amazing battery life, claimed by HTC left the competition in a state of total disbelief! The HTC 10 is planned for the release early May 2016, and these are the features and specifications that have got us super-excited about HTC’s latest flagship!

Phenomenal Battery Life

The new HTC 10 boasts a remarkable battery life of up to two days. The company claims that the new smartphone will last for up to 27 hrs of 3G talk-time or 73 hours of non-stop music playback, which sets a new benchmark for itself. It also supports Quick Charge 3.0, which enables you to charge the phone up to 50% in 30 minutes.


The HTC 10 is probably the first smartphone to introduce Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) in the front camera. The 5MP selfie camera is the first of its kind that comes with OIS to capture amazing selfies, but let’s not take anything away from the back camera just yet.

Initial reviews put the 12MP Dual LED lit back camera of HTC 10 at par with Galaxy S7, which is an improvement by the company, considering the not so good cameras found in last years HTC’s smartphones.

The camera boasts an astounding launch time of just 0.6s, assuring that you never miss another moment that you want to capture. Talking about laser auto-focus, the camera has a 3x faster auto-focus time when compared to One M9, not to forget that HTC also made it 136% brighter using larger pixel sizes.

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Improved Touch Latency

HTC decided to go back to the basics for the HTC 10. Bringing improvement to the most necessary and the only significant connection between the consumer and the digital interface of the device, the touch sensitivity. If Initial claims of the company are to be believed, the HTC 10 has the lowest touch latency among all the smartphones of the world, including the latest iPhones.

Big claims, eh? Not really, according to an HTC executive, the company wanted to replicate the touch experience success that the first generation iPhone had experienced, when it was initially launched.

New HTC Sense

HTC simply took heed to its consumers’ suggestions and ended up discarding almost all of the duplicate apps that the Sense included, like the calendar, calculator etc. Instead, the company opted for the native Google apps and introduced its own simple yet elegant messaging apps, which according to initial reviews, fits exceptionally well with the rest of Android Marshmallow experience.

BoomSound HI-FI Audio amp and Dolby Audio

The phone is like a hidden treasure for Audio and Music enthusiasts.
BoomSound HI-FI enables the user to amplify the audio being routed via the audio jack making for an exceptional musical experience. The amplifier works so well that, according to beta testers, it makes even the worse headphones sound great, not only that, but HTC includes a savvy pair of headphones in the initial box package along with the phone, that have a great sound unlike the usual cheap headphones found along with almost every smartphone.

Snapdragon Processor and 4GB RAM

HTC 10 will come equipped with the Snapdragon QualComm 820 chipset, which also powers the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge. The phone also has 4GB of RAM and is available in 32GB and 64GB variants with memory expandability up to 200GB.

Although there is bad news for Indian consumers, as the HTC 10 will launch with a Snapdragon 620 and 3GB of RAM, instead of the 820 Snapdragon and 4GB of RAM.

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USB 3.1, Type-C port

HTC has made sure that the new flagship smartphone is future proof, and has thus equipped it with a Type C USB 3.1 port. These ports are lighting fast and were first seen by the majority when they were introduced in Apple’s 12″ MacBooks.

Biometric Sensor

Following in the footsteps of its competitors, the HTC 10 boasts a Fingerprint sensor in the home button, which enables for faster unlock times, which in turn means quicker access to your contacts and favorite applications.

Full Aluminum Single Shell body

The HTC 10 is an exact combination of Glass and Metal, with a curved aluminum back and a glass screen with small bezels, HTC 10 makes for a both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing smartphone.

4K Video

The HTC 10 allows capturing footage in High Definition 4K video quality, keeping par with its competitors.
Initial reports suggest exceptional video quality as well, but if that is true, we are yet to see.

These are the new features of the HTC 10 that have got excited. What about you? Leave a comment below.