F&D Swan 2 Bluetooth NFC Portable Speaker under Rs. 1,500 Review

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The F&D Swan 2 has gracefully evolved from its predecessor, F&D Swan, and is a neater version with more features if compared to the previous generation.

It is loaded with features like NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, microSD card support, and 3.5 mm Auxiliary input, this wizard is capable enough of weaving its magic across various devices.

Design & Build


Considering the design, dimensions were measured at 95×95×92mm, small enough to throw in a backpack, and it weighs around 400g that makes it a bit heavier. However, it is still comfortable enough to carry around with you in a shoulder bag.

Being small in size, the build quality is robust and sturdy. At the bottom, it has a rubberized rim to keep it still, which helps to prevent from possible shifts due to vibration.

After powering on, the speaker will automatically search for the available Bluetooth devices. If the device is already paired, it will connect instantly. If not, it will enter into pairing mode.


Under the hood, you will notice the turn on/off switch, micro USB port, 3.5mm audio jack and microSD card slot so that you can store and play some music. Now this looks interesting!

It Plays songs directly from the Speaker!

F&D Swan 2 supports up to 32GB microSD storage and MP3/WMA dual format music which you can plug directly into the speaker and play songs.

NFC logo is located at the back; simply touch the device over the logo to pair through NFC.

Apart from that, all the controls are on the top. Interestingly, they all are capacitive touch controls.


Bluetooth Pairing

At the center, there is a Bluetooth indicator button for connectivity, which also acts as an option to play/pause the music and to receive a call. It also works as an indicator. Long pressing the Bluetooth button will take you inside the pairing mode and the blue LED will start blinking.

While doing that, you also get voice instructions. For calling purpose, a short press is used to answer the call and long press is used to reject the call. The tiny microphone hole is located over the top.

Controlling the Volume

The volume sign buttons are for controlling the level of volume. These buttons are used for selecting previous/next song, and over here, this touch button is for switching between Bluetooth, MicroSD and AUX mode. Now LED light turns blue for Bluetooth, red for microSD and orange for AUX.


Charging Capabilities

It took me around two and half hours to fully charge the speaker, and the 1000mAh battery lasted for around 5-6 hours over continuous usage. The charging indicator shows how full the battery is and also notifies when the charge is required.

Sound Quality

The lively music output amazed me.

The lively music output amazed me. It was loud enough to fill an entire room. Apparently, 360-degree surround sound coverage serves its purpose and generates impressive performance. However, when volume was set to 70-80%, the speaker produced reasonable clarity. But as soon you play music on high volume, its bass starts struggling, and vocals lose crispness and clarity.


In-The-Box Content

The box seems like a pyramid, different yet attractive packaging.

  • Beautiful round-shaped F&D Swan 2 Speaker Unit
  • Micro-USB cable
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • Operation manual

Talking good and bad about the speaker:


  • 360 degree surround sound coverage
  • Incredible battery life
  • Economical Choice
  • MicroSD card slot


  • Distortion if played at high volume.
  • Lacks in bass

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Price and My Verdict


As I sum up, battery and design are the areas that top the score considering the price and few other specs. Despite being available at Rs. 2,990 on F&D’s official website, you can get it online on Snapdeal and Flipkart at Rs. 1,490 and Rs. 1,590 respectively (at the time of publishing this review).

F&D Swan 2 offers excellent design and features, making it a good investment for those who desire portability over price. Totally recommended for moderate users!

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