Father’s Day Special: Seven perfect Apps for our Superheroes

Dad is every child’s superhero, always uncomplaining and loving no matter what we do. Make this Father’s Day, 19 June 2016, a memorable day for your Super Hero. This Father’s Day forget about gifting him another coffee mug or a tie rather grab his smartphone and surprise him by adding some cool apps that would make him feel special. Here are a few apps that belong to fathers of all ages.

1. Hello Vino:

Well, if your Father is a wine lover, this app is made for him. You just name the wine and this app has it all. It is basically a virtual wine assistant which will recommend the perfect wine pairings for your dinner, gifts or a special occasion with someone special. The final decision always is always based on your personal preference. This app even scans the Label of the wine, giving all the related details automatically. This app will enable you to find the wine of every taste and within budget too.

Availability: Android and iOS

Price: Free

2. Flipboard:

This app is designed for dads who tend to keep them updated about all the whereabouts. It is a custom designed magazine that would help your fathers stay on top of the news from across the Globe. Flipboard has various sections like Travel, Politics, Entertainment, Technology, Design and much more. Dads can easily select their topic of interest and highlight those topics first keeping others at a lowdown.

Availability: Android and iOS

Price: Free

3. Paper Camera:

An ultimate app designed for Art Lovers. Simply designed for Artistic Dads who love cartoons and sketching. This app automatically converts clicked snaps into real time cartoons like drawings and sketches with a unique effect. Even the conversion of smallest of objects like a vacuum cleaner, table fan, washing machine or any organ is instantly done. This app is real fun.

Availability: Android (4.4.2 version only) and iOS

Price: Free

4. Baby Sleep Instant/Sleep Baby Sleep:

A very useful app for new fathers. This app may help your little one to snooze off but is not very reliable sleeping tool. A timer is set, which plays the soothing music as frequent intervals so that the baby has uninterrupted sleep. If it works you too tend to get some sleep. This app is restored with many sounds like shower, washing machine, hair dryer and much more.

Availability: Android and iOS

Price: Free

5. Swiss Army Knife:

This app has all small essentials at one place. There are various other essentials available here like Flash torch which you can switch on during night, calculator, voice recorder, radio, magnifying glass etc. Now there is no need to search for these small tools separately as you have them at one place. So you can get access to these essential instantly without wasting time in searching. A small but very useful app.

Availability: Android and iOS

Price: Free

6. Couch to 5K:

This app is designed for health conscious dads. Well if you love your dad and want him to get into shape, download this app. This app constitutes of various training sessions designed by expert coaches. By following the physical training schedules, your dad can get healthy and stay free from any injury. Motivate your dad to concentrate on his health and physique by following the custom designed training sessions suggested by experts.

Availability: Android & iOS

Price: $1.99

7. Weber’s On the Grill:

Grilled Chicken, Roasted Meat, Marinated Cottage Cheese…Yummy. Personally, my Dad loves to cook and if your Dad too loves to cook, he would definitely love this app. On the Grill shares more than 300 BBQ recipes with the help of it which you can cook flavorful meats. It even helps in preparing the shopping list for collecting the required ingredients. You can start with the basic dishes moving on the difficult ones. Surprise your Dad by preparing one dish by yourself. Try now.

Availability: Android and iOS

Price: $4.99

I believe the above-mentioned apps will surely give a pleasant surprise to your fathers. All these apps will be really useful in their daily lives. Try something unique this Father’s Day, which they never expect. Install these apps on your dad’s smartphone and see the million dollar smile on his face. That would make your day too. Wishing Happy Father’s Day to all the loving Fathers around the globe!!!

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Meenakshi Rawat

Having worked on Entertainment, Technology, and Business for four years, Meenakshi finds solace in technology, and more so in covering it. She loves to read novels, listen to music, and roam around places. You can reach Meenakshi at meenakshi@pc-tablet.com.