We recently discovered this game called Lucky 6, which can be played on Android and iOS. However, this is not an exciting part. What surprised us badly is its ability (or rules), which could help us win Rs. 15 Lakh, and  we are not kidding.

Players essentially download this game for free and then select any six brands. This will perform best in light of the addition in their stock cost. The player who predicts every one of the six accurately wins the Rs. 15 Lakh big stake. Anyhow regardless of the fact that the jackpot isn’t won, the most noteworthy scoring player wins Rs. 65,000.

Prizes are not simply restricted to the champs. By offering the application to others,  players build their shots of winning. On the off chance that a player presents a companion and  that companion wins, a “sharer” reward of anything up to Rs. 2 Lakh is recompensed to the  player who welcomed them.

How to play Lucky 6TM?

Before revealing any secret, let us remind you that this game is available to play only to the residents of India. All you have to do is download the application on your device (Only Android and iOS for now), enroll yourself by assigning a passcode and pick any six brands. Here you will have to utilize your judgment, see which brands are inclining, which are in the news or essentially pick the ones you like best.

At that point kick back and watch their execution, and yours, as the game unfolds. Points are honored by continually evolving rank, which is in light of the addition in their stock cost. On the off chance that you best the scoreboard toward the end of the challenge, a money prize is yours. Match the main six to cash in big. Simple, isn’t it?

There are likewise prizes if the companions you present win, so long as you both enter the same challenge – in the event that they win, you win as well! Challenges happen each Tuesday and Friday beginning at 9am (Luckily, today is Tuesday. Why don’t you try your luck hard?)

Fat Cat Gaming Lucky 6 review An app that helps you win Rs 15 Lakh

Price and availability:

Lucky 6 is completely free to download and play. However, as its not available to download from Google Play, you can directly download its apk from their website. You can also download it directly from the Amazon App Store.

Surprisingly, we couldn’t find Lucky 6 on iTunes as the URL mentioned over its website redirects to iTunes homepage itself. We will investigate this issue with Fat Cat and update this article as soon as we receive any response from them.


Overall, the concept is good, and we seriously enjoyed playing it over the weekend (Sadly, we had to wait for the portal to re-open). However, Tuesday and Friday would hopefully end up being exciting for us. Thanks to Fat Cat Lucky 6. We hope to see this arrive on Windows Phone and other competing ecosystems as well.