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Factors Facebook considers while trending a topic

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB): Ever thought how Facebook puts what you see in your news feed each time you log in. The company has developed different algorithms for it. Apart from factors like where you reside and the pages you follow, Facebook looks for two other things – topics whose volume of mention is significant and topics that suddenly see a surge in mentions.

For example, US president, Barrack Obama is often cited on Facebook. So, the cumulative citation is always high and is not a reliable indicator of, if or not he features in a trending topic.

Hence, Facebook would search for a surge in citations about the normal conversation around Obama.

Thus, items that trend are just not the most highly cited topics or folk. They have to be connected to some relevant event. Once the topic is selected as trending, a human controller approves it that then creates a brief description of the story.

No human gets to select what Facebook puts in the trending section; the algorithm automatically does that while humans just get to select the headlines.

More about Facebook

Many Facebook tricks and tips are not known even to long-term users of the social networking site. Facebook constantly changes its services, tweaking older features or adding new ones. We look at methods to enrich your Facebook experience.

Over 83% of Facebook’s users are from outside the Canada and the US. They utilize over 80 languages to talk to family and friends. That’s several people and several different ways to pronounce your name.

Hence, Facebook offers a pronunciation guide to adding to its users.

If you are using Facebook from a public computer or are wary of keying in your password on a machine that could harbor malicious software, there’s a solution for you. Message “OTP” to 326665. Then you’ll receive an eight-character pass number that is valid for the next twenty minutes and can’t be re-utilized.

Other existing and useful Facebook features include ways to unsubscribe, security features and playing around with images.