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Facebook users raise $10 million to reach out earthquake-hit people

New Delhi – More than seven million Nepalese used the medium of Facebook to raise nearly $10 million to reach out to their 150 million quake-hit family members and friends. The shattering earthquake of last week in Nepal left many stunned, homeless and deprived.

Happily enough, people have come forward immediately to reach out their help and in just two days have raised over $10 million for the victims.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook activated its safety-check, which was used by over 7 million people in the region and were marked as safe. The update reached more than 150 million friends, which helped the people rest in peace and concentrate more towards their efforts.

Apart from that, Facebook also provided the users with an option to support the efforts diverted towards local relief activities. This option was instrumental in making the people donate such a huge amount within a short span of two days for the victims.

Facebook to Donate $2 Million

Facebook too is going to donate an additional amount of $2 million for the local relief fund to help the affected areas in Nepal. Apart from that, Facebook’s WhatsApp Messenger- a web chat service is being widely used in Nepal to help the workers coordinate the efforts and figure out ways to reaching the affected areas.

Zuckerberg in his statement has said that it is inspiring how all the communities have come forward to help the people in times of need. The latest death figures of last week’s temblor had now reached 6,000 mark, but are expected to be near 10,000 as the rescue team keeps on uncovering more debris and dead bodies underneath.

India being the closest neighbor of Nepal was the first nation to come forward to help. The country’s Bihar state also had to bear some wrath of the quake with more than 50 people declared dead. Some areas of Bihar and other nearby states also revealed cracks in constructions and destruction of buildings.