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Facebook alerts users against “Unfriend Alert” fraud app

Facebook Users have been warned against the malicious 'Unfriend Alert' app, which is designed to steal user's personal information including his / her name and password.

Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) — A new scam has hit the social network giant, Facebook. This time there is this app called ‘Unfriend Alert’ that claims to alert users who get removed by someone’s friend list.  The app is designed to steal information relating to person’s name and password.

The loss of private data to this malicious app was revealed by a security blog MalwareBytes in their security report. The security website showed that the app sends login credentials to a website named “yougotunfriended.com”.

However, the app is free to download for use and notifies you whenever someone removes you from the Facebook friend list and asks for your login credentials

The app features some unwanted ads that can potentially install malware on your computer and also does not appear in Facebook Apps list, making it difficult for users to learn about its existence.

Therefore to be at the safe end, users are advised to delete the app and change their passwords for Facebook. Most of the users are not aware of the risks involved with sharing passwords to third party apps.

It is worth noting that Facebook has an API OAuth login system for such apps that do not require users to enter their passwords.

Cybercriminals have often used such apps to trick Facebook users. They generally focus on features and apps that are not provided by Facebook. The social networking giant is aware about such malicious apps and has adopted many methods to enhance security of users and platform.

If you have fallen prey to such request, experts advise you to delete the app and change the password of your Facebook account immediately. The security researchers have labeled ‘Unfriend Alert’ as adware and published a guide on how to remove this app.