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Facebook users in India now able to use new photo sharing app ‘Moments’


The Social Networking giant, Facebook announced on Wednesday, the release of an app, claimed by the website as their ‘standalone app’, called “Moments” in India. As per them, this app would make photo sharing among friends not just an easier but a fun-to-do task.

The app has been created with a purpose to bring together pictures clicked on certain special moments or occasions with your specific loved ones. You can add different kinds of themes to them to enhance the overall feel of those photos. Plus, unlike Facebook, it’s easier to sync photos with particular friends privately on ‘Moments’.

Facebook’s Moments app enables users to get automatically grouped all the photos present in their phone galleries as per the date of their being taken and the people present in them using ‘Facial Recognition’ feature. Then it creates video collage automatically on the basis of that grouping that can be shared on FB, Facebook Messenger or Instagram but sadly not on any other website or medium.

Europeans and the natives of UK are still waiting for the opportunity to be able to play with Moments. The app, as per a company’s spokesperson, would be made available to them once they have dealt well with all kinds of privacy concerns.

The app is being compared to Flipagram, except for it cannot combat the rights for musical tunes that the app has already secured.

This step of coming up with this app is a moment of elation for the social networking king, Facebook. It had been constantly trying harder to occupy space in people’s smartphones with its own discrete app.

Video: Facebook Moments App


In a release, Facebook said, “Syncing photos with the Moments app is a private way to give photos to friends and get the photos you want. Moments groups the photos on your smartphone based on when they were taken and, using facial recognition technology, which friends are in them.”

Designed in the Facebook Creative Labs, the Moments app for Android and iOS is available to download for free on both the “Google Play Store” as well as “App Store”.