Facebook shuts down Notify news notification app to integrate with Messenger

Within seven months of its release, Facebook has delivered push notifications with the information that the company is shutting down Notify. Dubbed as a news notification app, the app was initially released only for iOS users.

According to a statement released by Facebook to a major tech news portal, the modules from the Notify app will be incorporated into other products owned by the company such as Messenger. Hence, the currently available app will no longer be available for public consumption from the App store.

The main purpose of Notify app is to curate news from a wide range of 70+ publications. Moreover, users will be able to view the content on their lock screen depending on the preferences.

An official Facebook spokesperson revealed that the product team has learned a lot as to the steps required to make relevant and accurate notifications. He also said that users have provided great feedback so far and the Notify app helped users to keep them updated throughout the day.

The main benefit of Notify is that news is curated from a wide range of sources and there is no need to visit each site separately. However, Facebook clearly predicts the potential of the app like Notify since the Messenger has over 900 million users.

The integration of Notify into Messenger will enable users to navigate news directly while having a chat. Moreover, it will be possible to share the news directly via Messenger during the chat.

Responding to media, Facebook also hints at the huge possibility for publishers since they will be able to reach out to a vast majority of users around the world. The company also hopes for the addition of over 100+ publishers if Notify is integrated into Messenger.

We don’t know whether the refreshed Messenger app integrated with Notify will be available for all platforms. Recently, Facebook experimented chatbots inside Messenger and hopes that with the integration of Notify, the user-base of Messenger will be doubled bring more readers to the app.