Facebook shows interest to invest in Indian SMEs and startups

Hyderabad: Investing in smaller sized companies is what Facebook is yearning to do according to the announcement made on Monday at a Small Business Boost event in Hyderabad. The launch of Small Business Boost programme will enhance growth and technological innovation, which in return will help in connecting with customers at home and abroad.

Telangana IT Minister – K T Rama Rao, who inaugurated the event, asked Facebook to embrace the potentiality with the social media and endure to give the poor people a facelift in advancing their livelihoods.

Rao said that we must embrace the fact that the social media has overtaken the traditional media outreach. Increasingly people are spending time on their smartphones and the Internet hence the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) should also clinch the same path.

There are 125 million followers of Facebook in India with new Facebook accounts being opened every day. As such the SMEs should take advantage of this platform to advertise and promote their businesses that will help in reaching their customers quickly and easily.

From the more than 36 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in India, over 1.5 million of them are already using which is working well in deepening their relationships with their customers.

Ritesh Mehta, the head of economic growth initiatives for Facebook India says that several SMEs in Telangana are already reaping the fruits of huge publicity for their products as a result of using Facebook page.

Apparently, Ministers and departments are also using Facebook accounts to post and update details of developmental programmes and ongoing works. Rao’s Facebook page already has a whopping 2.75 lakh followers.

The event will have a broad selection of small business peers and Facebook professionals whom attendees will engage with. There will also be a chance to learn and share their experiences of boosting online business.

The hands-on training sessions will give the learners who are looking to find new customers an opportunity to learn how to use their mobile devices effectively to reach thousands of international audiences.


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