Menlo Park, CA based Social Media Company Facebook Inc. [NASDAQ:FB] has released a new app on Android platform which can be dubbed as a dialer app. This app will connect with Facebook and would help user to identify the caller. A user can block calls from a user, search for people and places.

Facebook has been focusing on mobile and they are quickly making an ecosystem with a number of apps specifically meant for enhancing mobile experience.

Facebook Hello offers all the features of a classic dialer app. Users can block any caller in Hello to prevent Facebook Hello 1them from calling you. The block calls are transferred directly to your Voicemail. Hello supports wi-fi calling as well over Voice over Internet Protocol. This is a key feature in the Facebook Messenger app as well. Facebook Hello is integrated with Facebook Messenger, so if you missed a call from a user, you can respond back over Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Hello would provide you additional information from a caller’s Facebook profile like their Birthday, their company, and other related information. This would give Hello an edge over other available dialer apps. The advantages of Hello would be for Businesses, now callers can pick the number of the business like a restaurant from their Facebook page and can call directly call them.

Hello offers additional functionality of directions search as well. Hello app would also be useful for International travellers who might be using short time pre-paid numbers. Now they can update the new number on their Facebook Profile and the same would be automatically picked in Hello.

This meant that the dependence of saving a number on mobile for a person is gone if we use an app like Hello.

The main competitor app for this kind of service is Truecaller. Truecaller is a Phonebook app, which can help users identify an unknown number and block calls from a particular number. Facebook has an advantage as instead of making their database for phone numbers from scratch, they can rely on their social media platform and pick numbers from there.

Facebook Hello has been a release of Facebook Creative Labs. Facebook Creative lab is a new initiative of Facebook which aims to deliver new apps enhancing the overall Facebook experience. Hello has been released for Android as of now and is available at Play Store. As iOS does not allow changes in the Phone settings, Facebook has not been able to release the app for iOS platform.

Hello is available only in the US, Brazil, and Nigeria as of now but is expected to be released in other geographies as well. Facebook has released a small video explaining the features of Hello.