Facebook owns up goof-up, blames a security bug for creating ruckus and disappearing posts

Menlo Park, California— A Facebook bug had irked users and the developers lately, as users sent feedback and posted across other social media portals that their posts are getting disappeared. Users have also commented that some of their posts were inaccessible, as the links were blocked. On comprehending the functioning of the bug, it was revealed that it was affecting posts with links to contents outside Facebook.

Users got security warnings

Many users who were posting new links on their homepage, got security warnings. Users were clicking on the existing links to contents outside FB also face warnings saying that the link appears to have been blocked merely for security reasons. Even, a plethora of posts containing a myriad of links have disappeared lately.

Issues raised

The issue was raised in the global developer’s forums. There were thoughts and voices shunning FB’s server. Many commented that the server had perhaps broken down. In brevity, there was a lot of hoots, shrieks and hara-kiri surrounding the bugs that invaded several FB posts.

The developers tried tracking down the issue and unveiled characteristics about the bug and how it invaded only the posts that had external links! Many such posts even got disappeared.

FB admits goof-up

A FB spokesperson owned up the fault and admitted that the error lies in FB’s system that works towards blocking bad links from spreading viruses as spams. An FB bug incorrectly marked certain URLs as inappropriate or malicious. Consequently, quite a number of posts got hidden, and many others were blocked completely.

However, the issue has been catered to and resolved. Now, the blocked links or posts have been unblocked. The Facebook team apologized for the inconvenience caused by the sudden invasion of this FB-created bug!

Facebook irked many users. Meanwhile, as the bug created issues. Many took to other social media portals like Twitter or Google Plus to vent their anger at being dismayed by a reported Facebook bug.

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