Facebook is reportedly working on developing Messenger app for Apple Mac. The statement was supported by an eyewitness report and photographic evidence that showed a Facebook employee using its pre-release version.

According to the image surfaced online, the app dock had Messenger logo as the icon and had the name ‘Messenger’ in the menu bar. A navigation bar was also seen in the bottom left that perfectly matches tabbed options in the Messenger app for iOS.

However, reports state that the tab bar is absent inside unofficial versions. According to sources, the Facebook employee was seen logged in from internal VPN and portals of Facebook, further giving confirmation that it was an official Messenger for Mac which is currently unavailable to the public.

If reports are to be believed, the app will make it easier for Mac users to communicate using the desktop app, instead of switching over from multiple browser tabs.

Messenger has already attained a success rate, and there is a definite possibility that if this desktop app is developed, it will be as successful as mobile versions. However, Facebook denied to comment on this development.