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Facebook Messenger app crosses 800 million monthly active users

Facebook Messenger app

It has emerged that Facebook is on its way into meeting its mission of giving messenger users a fantastic experience. The effort in keeping this mission alive can easily be explained by the more than 800 million users that are currently using Facebook Messenger application. At the same time, more features are lined up in the coming few months that will take the messenger experience a notch higher hence winning more fans.

According to Dave Marcus, Facebook head of messaging products, everyone needs to communicate with the larger part of the world. And the Messenger team will do anything possible to make Messenger the best place to achieve the best communication.

By the way, it is only last month that Facebook added new features to the messenger that included being able to make payments and communicate directly with the business world through video calls. At the same time, it is also working on a feature; a digital assistant called M that will help in making restaurant reservations and airline bookings among other tasks.

The “M” service is currently available to only 10,000 people in the San Francisco Bay area, but there is optimism that it will reach more people later in the year.

However, even with the impressive numbers and more active monthly users than rivals Snapchat and Viber, Facebook is still far from getting the number of WhatsApp users that is in the tune of 900 million.

Nevertheless, Marcus says that they are optimistic to work through the year to change the perception or mindset of the Messenger users that they can only use it to speak to their family and friends.

The Facebook Messenger team is aware that people need to accomplish much more in their everyday life, and the simplest means possible. Hence, it is willing to involve other players like e-commerce and travel to establish how much they can facilitate easier interaction of people on the service.