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Facebook Messenger for Android and iOS adds group video chat feature

Facebook Messenger Group Video Chat

Facebook has rolled out Group Video Chat functionality on Messenger. The introduction of Group Video Chat feature comes in the wake of growing number of requests from users worldwide. To work with the newly introduced Group Video Chat, you need to open an existing running group conversation. You can also create a new conversation. After that, you need to tap on the video icon located on the upper right-hand side of the display to navigate to the video chat.

In a statement released to the press, Facebook disclosed that this is the time of year you need to tell your friends and family as to how much you care for them. Moreover, you can deliver Christmas and New Year greetings to your loved ones at any time.

The Messenger will automatically notify all people in the group chat with a message stating that the video chat session has started. With a single tap, each and every person in the on-going chat conversation will be able to join the session. As of writing this, Facebook has developed the feature in such a way that up to six people will be able to view each other face to face.


Meanwhile, you can add more than six people up to a maximum of 50 to the conversation. However, they can join and choose an option to listen to the voice conversation. After the six people are on the call, you will be able to view only the dominant speaker.

Recently, Facebook introduced a new Snapchat-centric feature to its Messenger application, which was welcomed with huge applause by users. The launch of Group Video Chat is seen as a major groundbreaking step in the right direction.

If you have Android and iOS gadget, you will be able to experience the new Group Video Chat feature starting immediately. You can also experience the new feature on the desktop version of Messenger.

Facebook also added that they are delighted to introduce the capability. In future, the new feature will be updated as per the feedback from users. They requested users to post their feedback after using the new feature.