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Mark Zuckerberg in a post on his Facebook wall said that he is committed to learning new concepts and work for those things that are outside the preview of his work.

The 31-year-old CEO of Facebook stated that his challenge for 2016 is to create a simple AI, which will enable him to run his home and also to assist him in the workplace.

Zuckerberg is planning to learn and create a new voice technology that will help him to control music, lights, temperature, sleep and much more. He wants to build a product that enables him to view the face of the visitor when they ring the doorbell.

Facebook used to finalize a roadmap at the beginning of every year with a theme. This year, they have coined Invention as the theme and the work has already started to build products based on this direction.

Zuckerberg’s aim is to create a product that will help him to visualize data in VR, which will help him to build better services for the community. The same technology can also be replicated across multiple workplaces for better productivity.

He delves deep into the various technicalities involved in the successful development and deployment of technical projects within Facebook.

Zuckerberg has worked with his counterparts extensively during the development of Internet.org. The team used to discuss the various aspects of studying the physics of building solar-powered planes and satellites, which will drastically cut down Internet access.

He also worked with his colleagues during the launch of Oculus project when he understood the details of the controllers and software used for designing the project. The same process is also followed in Messenger project as well.

Zuckerberg stated that he had worked with various engineers inside Facebook. He clarified through his wall that his challenge in 2016 is to build products personally without any assistance. We understood that his intention was to code and create products like Robots using AI technology.

Zuckerberg also pointed out that 2016 will be a year of learning and experimentation and should be a fun intellectual challenge for him.

The tech billionaire also revealed his previous challenges, which include learning Mandarin, reading two books a month in addition to meeting a new person every day.

It remains to be seen as to whether he shares the product he is going to develop with the outside world. We will not be surprised if he takes a brief sabbatical to enter into the world of Invention.

We are sure that Zuckerberg is on the right track to create something
“useful” and should be a big source of inspiration for students and researchers.


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