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Facebook exploring ways of monetizing its business In India, says Facebook COO

Sheryl Sandberg

For the second time Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg visited India. The first was when she was barely 22, and a Harvard graduate fresh off the Ivy League sent on a health mission by World Bank to combat leprosy. A lot has changed since then. She moved to Facebook – the world’s largest social networking site.

Purpose of Sheryl’s visit – India happens to be the second biggest market for Facebook outside of its birthplace, the U.S. The country has the world’s third largest Internet user base with over 200 million users, most of whom are in the habit of onto the web via mobile phones.

With such a wide user base in place and a mobile revolution multiplying it manifolds, optimism on revenues is likely high. So, one can assume correctly her visit will be all about exploring ways or processes of monetizing its business in India.

Facebook COO believes India has the potential to become the largest economy in the world as it is witnessing a fast growth in entrepreneurship, particularly SMBs. She admits, and Indian economy has immense potential to create jobs and drive growth, especially with its huge base of small and medium businesses (SMBs).

Sandberg had previously worked with search giant – Google as Vice president of Global Online Sales and Operations and has also served as the United States Secretary of the Treasury. Her stint as part of the World Bank project on leprosy in India (Madhya Pradesh) marked her engagement with India, first in 1991.

In an interview to a news channel, she admitted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the second most popular politician in the world, and added about her favorite Facebook post by Mr. Modi. She apologized for secret psychological experiments that caused outrage.

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