Facebook experiments with emoji reactions, soon may help you to express better

The ‘Like’ button on Facebook may help you express better from now on as, on Thursday a pilot test was launched by Facebook to gauge the response of the users. The new ‘Like’ button has the emotions like sadness, anger and sympathy as well as humor and awe to choose from. There are emoticons that are accompanying these emotions.

Facebook users who were wishing for a ‘dislike’ button so that they may express their dislike, may get their wish. Although technically there won’t be a ‘dislike’ button, users are going to be able to express more than just ‘liking’ the post.

In a Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook, said that for quite sometimes users felt that they need other ways to respond to a post. So, Facebook launched a pilot test of this new like button that contains more reactions.

Users will be able to choose from emotions like Sadness, Love, Wow, Yay, Haha and the original Like button.

Zuckerberg had already announced last month that the social network company was working on the issue of ‘Like’ button to include more emotions. He also said that a ‘Like’ is not always the best expression every time.

In the pilot test of the new ‘Like’ button, it seems that you can express yourself better as there are many emotions to choose from. It means that you don’t have to limit yourself to a generic ‘Like’ button while responding to a post. Though the users were interested in a ‘dislike’ button, is seems that the Facebook is one step ahead. It has offered more than the dislike button.

Facebook experiments with emoji reactions

Users will be able to show empathy, awe, sorrow and love from these emoticons that are included in this feature. But ‘Dislike’ is not included in these emoticons.

Facebook launched these features in Ireland and Spain in a pilot test. All the desktop, Android and iOS users will be able to give their feedback about this new feature.

To access these emoticons, the users have to press hard on the ‘Like’ button for few seconds.

Chief Product Officer of Facebook, Chris Cox said that though this new feature is not exactly the ‘Dislike’ button for which the users were requesting, Facebook hopes that this is more useful features for them.

After the feedbacks from Ireland and Spain are in, the Facebook will use them to make improvements in this feature. Facebook hopes that this feature will be available to all in a short span of time. So far it seems that users are thinking of this feature as a smart idea from Facebook.

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