Home News Facebook chooses India for its maiden Instagram Photo Exhibition starting 7th January

Facebook chooses India for its maiden Instagram Photo Exhibition starting 7th January


Facebook is set to hold its first ever Instagram photo exhibition in the Indian state of West Bengal. The event is slated to start on 7th January and mostly community-themed images will be on display.

Source of the Images

At the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) gallery to be held in Kolkata, Facebook will showcase a wide array of images covering the community life in West Bengal. The photos are pulled from Instagram posts by the local community.


Facebook’s Instagram photo exhibition will feature the diversity of West Bengal’s festivals, people, wildlife, landscape, architecture and food among others.

Theme of the Event

The theme of the Instagram photo exhibition event is “Celebrating Diversity of Bengal.”

Indians Active on Instagram

Facebook is holding a major event in Bengal at a time when the company says that Indians communities have increasingly become active users of its photo and video sharing app – Instagram. In a statement ahead of the Bengal Instagram photo exhibition, Facebook said that a growing number of people around the world are using images as a visual voice to tell their unique stories and experiences.

In Indian in particular, Facebook notes that communities are taking to Instagram and similar mobile apps to speak out about cultural nuances.

According to Facebook, the community posts on Instagram transcend cultural and language barriers.

Interest in India

The maiden Instagram community photo exhibition is being held in India at a time when Facebook is showing increasing interest in bringing more Indians to its social networks. The company is using various meanings, including partnerships with local telecom operators, to allow cost-free access to its website and services as part of the efforts to tap Indians coming online for the first time.