Facebook to block Ad blockers on desktop version

Facebook Ad blockers

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has just announced that it has found a way to bypass ad blockers in the web browsers. The company plans to pass on advertisements in its website impersonating them as general contents. The algorithm of current ad blockers will be unable to distinguish between ads from organic contents, thus failing to filter advertisements. As of now, this will only affect the users of the desktop version of Facebook’s website, while the mobile users will remain unaffected. The social network giant has assured users that it will work on showing more personalized ads and stop featuring unwanted annoying ads.

Ad blocking affects a huge number of internet content providers from around the globe. Several websites have taken steps to curb this practice which grossly affects their primary source of income. The steps vary from politely asking the visitors to switch off ad blocker to blocking the website content until ad blocking is disabled.

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Facebook wishes to opt for more advanced but controversial way of pushing advertisements. It targets to actively force all its users to see ads instead of passively asking them. The company has always been aggressive in making as much money as possible. To achieve its goal, it does not care to play with its users’ freedom or privacy.

In India, with the Internet.org or the Free Basics initiative, Facebook wanted to squash all competitions in an unfair manner. Needless to say, the company failed in its attempt to forcefully conquer the internet in the country. But, the social media giant has not given up hope, instead trying every way possible to permanently secure its position at the top. The company is now working with a drone program using which it wishes to achieve its irresistible crave for monopoly.

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According to census, Facebook is far from being vulnerable from ad blocking. It collects about 84 percent of its total income from its mobile application, which is almost free from ad blocking. The ad blocking policy adopted by the company does not need to be that much aggressive. Facebook’s method may serve as an inspiration to many websites around the world, which will try the same way to spam users with disturbing number of advertisements.

In response to Facebook’s latest policy, developers of ad blocking software have expressed mixed feelings. Some have become doubtful about how to outstrip this new method, while others have not lost a bit of confidence. The latter has boasted about their huge open source contributors and are positive of overcoming this new obstacle.

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