Facebook announces changes to its ‘Real Names’ policy after complaints

After several controversies over the real name policy of Facebook, few changes were announced to the process for serving the members in a better way. In October, last year after several cases of account flagging were reported, Facebook decided to change the real name policy. Now, Facebook needs people to use their real names by which their family and friends know them.

While Facebook has stuck to this policy, some new tools are being tested for making it work better, especially for LGBTQ communities, stated Todd Gage, the Product Manager and Justin Osofsky, the Facebook Vice President of Global Operations.

Now as per the new process, people have to provide more context and information about why the name is being reported. Earlier, one just had to click a button for reporting a fake name.

Along with this, a new tool is being tested by Facebook for verification of the name, in case it is flagged by someone. Now, if the account is flagged due to a different name is being used for privacy protection, a week would be provided for describing the situation before the account is suspended.

Junior Executive Director of SFPride, George Ridgely stated that he appreciates the efforts that Facebook has taken through the Authentic Names Policy.

In some cases, Facebook has been criticized since it requires people to submit their legal identities, which often don’t reflect popular names. Since then, the documents and options that can be used by people for verification have been increased and by early 2016, Facebook would introduce ways to reduce the number of people having to pass through ID verification and the same time would preserve their safety. This experience would definitely be easy to navigate.


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