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Amazon India 2015 Sale: Best External Hard Disk Drives Deals and Discounts

Be it the growing need for storing multimedia content in your laptop, or making a backup of your files, you do need a backup that is bigger than what a pen drive can provide. This Amazon Great Indian Festive Sale, go for an external hard disk drive and expand your storage capacity!

Here is a list of some of the best hard disk drives on Amazon India and Flipkart.

Transcend StoreJet 25M3 1TB External Hard Disk

This is a USB 3.0 compatible hard drive from Transcend. As the name suggests, it has a capacity of 1 TB. The best thing about this hard disk is that it has got shock-proof capabilities. This provides extra protection to your data and keeps all those important things safe.

This hard disk is available at Flipkart for Rs. 4,380 and at Amazon for Rs 3,740.

WD Elements 2TB External Hard Drive

Last but not the least is the device from western digital. When it comes to memory drives, Western Digital is a pioneer and is known to provide high-quality products. This device with 2 TB capacity is suitable for all forms of uses. It supports USB 3.0.

The hard disk is available for Rs. 7,220 at Flipkart and at Amazon for Rs. 6,299.

Seagate Backup Plus 1TB External Hard Disk

Seagate is one of the leaders of the external hard drive market. This device is very useful for storing things that you may not need to access much. The hard drive is USB 3.0 compatible. It is available at Flipkart for Rs. 4845 and at Amazon for Rs. 4,149.

Samsung M3 Portable 2TB External Hard Drive

This is by far the most aesthetically appealing device on the whole list. As for the usage, the speeds that you can get on this device for data transfers is also superb. The device supports USB 3.0 With all the package; this is probably on the cheapest 2 TB hard disk that is available on Flipkart. It sells for Rs. 6796 at Flipkart and at Amazon for Rs. 6,900.

Toshiba Canvio Basic 2TB External Hard Drive

Excellent for backups and other daily usages, the Toshiba Canvio basic is a real-valued device. The device supports USB 3.0. The hard disk sells at Flipkart for Rs 7,199. The 1 TB variant is also available at Rs 4,288.At Amazon, the device is available for Rs. 7160 for 2 TB and Rs. 3995 for 1 TB.

We recommend the WD Elements hard drive or the Samsung M3 if you want decent quality with value for money. Do check out these hard drives at Amazon India!