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Exclusive Interview with Mr. Jagdish Rajpurohit – Founder, CloudWalker

We’ve got a chance to have a conversation with Mr. Jagdish Rajpurohit, Founder, CloudWalker. CloudWalker is a home-grown tech start-up from India focused on creating digital solutions to harness the power of the internet on large format screens. CloudWalker is engaged in an array of businesses involving content market, content discovery & curation, native advertising, large screen e-commerce, B2B conferencing platform, bringing products across consumer electronics & business solutions.

Here are the questions that we asked him. We thank Mr. Jagdish for providing us his answers and thoughts.

– What are the company’s plans for 2020? Product Line up planned for the year.

Since CloudWalker aims to transform home entertainment into a vital part of the digital ecosphere, this year we have some ground-breaking products lined up to start with. The CloudWalker 4K LED SMART SCREEN – 43”, 55”, 65” starting Rs. 22,990/- is way more advanced than a mere Smart TV. It promises complete Entertainment, Personal Computing and Child Safe Entertainment putting all the fears of parents to rest with password protection, all into one screen. It is also equipped with a cutting-edge 4K-HDR 10 display, Android 7.0 Nougat, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB storage and high-performance processor along with wireless keyboard & mouse

The CloudWalker BURST TV soundbar is yet another revolutionary gadget we launched this year that will add a dynamic sound to any smart TV and elevate the viewing experience which is just not possible with the mere TV sound. Equipped with a cutting-edge Bluetooth 5.0 Technology and 11 LED Party Light modes, the 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbars come in 2 variants – BÜRST I2000 50W with a built-in subwoofer and BÜRST E3000 100W with an external subwoofer delivering powerful sound output.

– What are the USP of the products and current business opportunities in the Indian market?

  • SMART SCREEN – Our SMART SCREEN is smarter than a Smart TV. It is a one-of-its-kind, multi-tasking screen that offers you the latest innovation and smart upgrade for home entertainment, work, Child-safe entertainment, education & more. In fact, it redefines the way we use big screens at home. Almost everyone today arguably spends most of their time looking at screens, juggling with multiple devices at home, be it for entertainment, personal or office computing work, fulfilling kids’ entertainment, school work and project needs at home. Our SMART SCREENS lets people #DoItAll and helps save a lot of time and effort while trying to switch across multiple screens for individual family needs. Moreover, with our state-of-the-art technology and expertise to specially curate content with official content partners, SMART SCREEN will make it easier to switch between entertainment, work, play and an array of daily tasks, without compromising on the factors of quality and engagement.
  • BURST TV Soundbar – These dynamic Soundbars have been perfectly designed to amplify any Smart TV sound for enhanced home entertainment & more. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 Technology, built-in or external subwoofer variants and 11 LED Party light modes, the premium and sophisticatedly designed Soundbar are all set to redefine the smart home entertainment. It will give every Smart TV the sound boost it deserves and promises an amplified TV experience that fits in perfectly with today’s increasingly digitally connected lifestyles
  • Cloud TV OS – Cloud TV is a Certified AOSP operating system for all Android based smart TVs. Comes equipped with a built-in App store featuring licenced & certified Partnered apps and a built-in Content discovery engine that discovers and curates thousands of digital content across global platforms for Smart TV entertainment. It also allows for end-to-end customisation possibilities with custom branded launcher and themes to choose from, giving total control over UI/UX development for any Smart TV brand. Currently, Cloud TV is trusted by leading India TV manufacturers & brands using the certified Cloud TV OS for various Smart TV brands.

– What is the company’s current turn over and target for this year?

At present, CloudWalker is a 150 crore+ strong company. This fiscal year, we will be targeting to sell 5 lakhs+ SMART SCREENs and 3 lakhs+ Soundbars.

– What’s your take on the competition in India?

The demand for Smart TVs in India is rising by leaps and bounds. It is growing hand in hand with the rapid increase in demand for OTT services and on-demand content, which has witnessed explosive growth. Likewise, the competition in the Indian smart TV space is intensifying on the back of increased spending power and aspirations of Indian consumers. As a result, leading smartphone brands to are making a beeline to grab a share of the smart TV market.  This has resulted in massive clutter. The existence of multiple smaller and larger players in the online space has resulted in the stiff competition where TV makers are even dropping prices and compromising on the brand value to sustain in the marketplace. Amid this intensified market situation, CloudWalker has introduced the innovative 4K LED SMART SCREENs with more value than a Smart TV at affordable prices and has no competitor in the Indian market at this point in time.

– How the company plans to make CloudWalker a home known name?

At CloudWalker, we are constantly endeavouring to deliver the best and the smartest to our Indian consumers. From streaming devices, Smart TVs to Smart Screens and Soundbars, CloudWalker has always innovated keeping in mind the changing needs of the consumers.  Our ground-breaking offering 4K LED SMART SCREENS are testimony to it. This latest innovation, which is miles ahead of the Smart TV technology, will not only be a trendsetter in the Indian TV industry but will also emerge as a perfect solution for the Indian household, bringing everything in one place. We are also aiming to bring digital entertainment into the living room of our audience by offering an honest pricing structure.

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